Suspension Rear Upper Control Arm Question


So while I wait to figure out my rear end issues
Dec 29, 2017
Long Island, NY
I’ve done my research, and I will be going with stock style UCA’s for the rear, as MM suggests.
My question is this..... MM list theirs being good for 79-04.

Other manufacturers, like this Moog, list that its only good for 2000-2004.

Is there any reason this Moog would not work on the 79-99 cars?

How can one be good for all, but what seems to be identical, only good for 5 model years?


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Jan 12, 2020
This is from MM’s website:

These Ford rear upper control arms are direct replacements for the 1979-2004 Mustang (non-IRS) control arms. They will restore performance lost to old and deteriorating rubber bushings. These control arms have the stiffest rubber bushings available, and are much stiffer than what came originally on the Fox chassis Mustangs. Although Ford Racing Performance Parts claims their bushings to be "twice as stiff" as stock, our testing has shown that while they are much stiffer than Fox chassis bushings, they are identical to the 1994-04 bushings.
While for 1994-04 cars these control arms offer no improvement in performance, as they do on Fox chassis cars, they are a great value when replacing arms with damaged or aged bushings. Because rubber deteriorates simply from age, after several years the control arms are ready for replacement.


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Feb 18, 2001
IIRC there was a change in the upper control arms around 1999 or so that moved the locstion of the bolt holes slightly. It the pinion angle slightly.

I’ll have to see where I can find the info. It’s been a while since I’ve looked into it.

my Steeda arms are stock new edge arms wgere steeda redrilled the mounting holes and tack welded a washer on.

edit2: browsing FordParts. The part number for the 94-98 upper control arm is


it does specifically list the arm is for vehicles up to Dec/98, but can’t find any part number listed.
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So while I wait to figure out my rear end issues
Dec 29, 2017
Long Island, NY
I think I’ll just go with MM. If things go right, I’m hoping to do a set of their lower arms as well.
I’m sure they’ve done their homework and rather than guess on the Moogs, and risking having to deal with returns, I’ll spend the extra $30 on what I know will work.