Rear Wheel Bearings

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  1. Pinion Seal Already Leaking??

    Took my car in to my friend's shop to get the timing belt changed at 70,000 miles and while driving it home, he heard something he didn't like.
    Kind of a roaring, whirling from the rear area, increasing the faster you go. I've heard it for a long time, but I think it has gradually gotten worse.
    Took it in the next morning, and he thinks that one or both wheel bearings need replaced. We are hoping the axle ends are still good.
    Anyone ever been through this type of repair? and what happened? symptoms?

    Thanks :flag:

    Please see new question below in my post it is about the pinion seal already leaking.
  2. I never change the bearing, but I am changing the backing plate, parking brake cable, oil seal... and it's pretty easy.. it's just long, cause you got to open your differential, remove the "C" lock , remove your axle.. and blah blah blah... I'm sure you know how to do it so.. I won't explain you how to proceed... Tell me if i'm wrong..

  3. Yep, sounds like a wheel bearing. I had the same symptoms and replaced one earlier this year. If your axles are bad you can get an "axle saver" bearing that relocates the bearing about 1/2" "out" on the axle.

  4. Results are In

    Wheel bearings were fine. But,,,,,,
    They replaced the following:
    2 carrier bearings
    1 front pinion bearing
    1 rear pinion bearing
    1 pinion crush sleeve
    1 pinion seal
    2 axle seals
    sealed the cover
    filled diff with lube
    Parts: $130.48
    Labor: $144.00
    Supplies: $ 5.04
    Tax: $ 8.81
    Total: $288.33 :rolleyes:

    Looks like my mechanic has kept my Ford from being "Found On Road Dead."
  5. Pinion seal already leaking????

    Well, 26 months after I had this done and about 12000 miles, my pinion seal is leaking. I was doing a search on pinion seal and found this post of mine. Anyone have any idea on why the pinion seal would be leaking already? Thanks in advance.