Rear wind shield louvers, where can I get one?

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  1. Hey guys. I have seen some stangs in my area with a set of rear wind shield louvers that look like the ones on the old 69-70 Boss mustangs. I have no idea where to get one, but I want one. Anyone have an idea? Thanks.
  2. I think that there is a thread about this and a link over at Brad Barnett's site in the fox body forums.
  3. Thanks for the link. Danm, they aren't cheap, huh? Any one else know where I can get one for cheaper? Or used? What years did they come stock on?
  4. I think that they came stock on early 80's models, but i'm not sure.
  5. I wonder if I could get one from a junk yard. I am doing a Boss style design on my car, going to be getting a decal kit in the spring with the hood and side stripes, already have the scoop. I would like to get the louvers to complete the look. Thanks for your help so far.
  6. There's a 2.3 hatch in my area that has them, it's '87-up so I know they're not stock. If I ever can corner the car, I might ask for ya. hehe

  7. I've got the louvers from an 82gt i had about 10 years ago...i believe they are aluminum. Dunno where you are..i'm in IL.
  8. NoSlo90. I am in Ma, and I bet they'd be pricey to ship, but if you want to work something out, let me know. Do they come apart or is it a solid piece?
  9. Yeah, i'm not up for shipping them.
  10. I didnt think that was to bad, 199.00 for the aluminum ones.Have them painted the same color as your car!Pretty hot! :nice:
  11. i dont think they came stock? I have no proof, that's just a guess, but companies made those louvers for just about every car made in the '80s, and it was a pretty common apearance upgrade. Once again i'm just guessing, but i'd guess that the ones you see on cars were never stock items, someone just purchased them and put'em on, kinda like window tint. Anyone out there an original owner of a factory installed louver?
  12. yes they came stock...had little metal pieces on the back window. my moms mustang still has one of them left but the louvers ore nowhere to be found, because i want emm bad. all the louvers ive seen dont look rounded when they come down like the stock one.
  13. Didn't come stock in 87, but aluminum ones were available through Ford. Cragar also made some made ABS types. The Ford louvers had a flat/angular look, while Cragar had a more rounded style. It took some special glue to attach the hinges to the top of the rear window then you had to attach the Dzus fasteners (quarter turn locks) down at the bottom corners.
  14. I have the louvre off my sister's 82 cobra. It needs paint, but otherwise is perfect. I would have to ask her first.
  15. Have you tried the late 70s? or maybe Burt Reynolds will have some leftovers :D
  16. I bought my car with the Crager one's on it. I ran them for a few days but they rattled to much and they didn't match my color. When I took them off, the holding brackets made permanent marks on my window. They can look good but aren't worth it IMO. Sold mine a few years ago for 50 bucks.
  17. My original '88 had them as a dealer option. I still have the mounting instructions and their drawings showed a '79-'81 style tail lights. I liked them and put them on my '87 after the '88 was totalled by a drunk, and then got them from a friend who I sold the car to when I got the '93. Originally they were held on with black double sided tape. For the rattle, put some black permatex on the rivet from underneith and the rattle go away.

  18. CJ Pony Parts has them in aluminum. I actually had them bring a set to Carlisle last summer but I decided against them. They are nice, very similar to the original ford type. If you go to and under search type in louvers they will come up.