rebate issues with new order.

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  1. Hey all to keep a long story short. Ordered a 2013 mustang 5.0 nov 29th 2012. Got a call from the dealership a cou
    ple of weeks later From my sales person. Basically he said that ford ended the 2013 production year And started
    only producing 2014s. So i asked him is anything on the car going to change, whether being the price or actual car. He responded And said everything will be exactly the same. so fine.. Today my car came in the dealership sales manager said that they cannot honor my original rebate of 2000$ because of the new production year. I was just now hit with this with no warning of the change in my rebate offer. The salesman told me when i ordered the car that i will be locked in for the rebate at the time of the order. this was not the case. They offered me the curent rebate of 1000 $. I complained about it to the sales manager. so now come monday they are going to contact ford about my original rebate. Has this happened to anyone else here?
  2. Your salesman was wrong to tell you that you were locked in at time of order. Rebates are determined based on sale date, which s when the car is delivered, not when it's ordered. If your dealer gives you more than $1k back, it will be coming out of their profit, because Ford isn't going to give it to them.
  3. Wheather he knew it or not, the salesman was not up to snuff on the model year cut-off date. Kind of suprised it took a few weeks for the order to be kicked back for a '13, and needed to be rolled over to a '14.

    I'd just simply stay on them about how you were told you were locked in to the rebates. Not to drag the salesman, and the dealer, thru the mud, but just on the principle on what you were promised by the salesman,
  4. When you place an order for a car they lock you in on the current rebate. If the rebate gets better when the car is delivered they will give you the better rebate. If the rebate gets worse when the car is delivered they will still honor the rebate of when you placed your order.

    However, your's is different because the model year changed, so I do not know how that qualifies.
  5. This. My situation was similar. I ordered Nov 8th and thought all was well until I got a reject email 2-1/2 weeks later. They didn't roll my order over to 2014, but I restarted the process in January. So my rebate went from $1500 at that time down to $1000 for 2014/now and the 2014 is $450 higher for the exact same car. Rebate difference is lost, but dealer knocked a few hundred off the purchase price to soften the 2013-to-2014 price difference.

    Good news is that I pick up the car tomorrow. :)
  6. Will be checking for pics!
  7. I was told by my dealer that the rebate would be processed at the day of delivery and signing (actual purchase) but if the rebate dropped, they would honor the rebate anyway. Lucky for them the rebate didn't drop, because I know how much they paid for the car.