Rebuild motor or coyote swap


Aug 23, 2020
Hi everyone.I want to do something different other than have the stock 2 valve engine.I don't know if i want to supercharge.Engine has light ticking with lifter I think,but runs good otherwise.I was thinking about rebuilding this one and putting the top end kit in it by trick flow. Also thinking about a coyote swap but that is crazy expensive!What could I do to where I could gain some good hp but not drain my bank account. I know many options leave you spending money either way.Any good opinions wo uh ld be helpful.It would have to be done over the winter over time because I couldn't come up with all the money at once to do it.I may be able to get the coyote engine that would be pushing it.Any ideas would be very appreciated!
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Active Member
Jul 2, 2019
If you want to stay NA, I'd go Coyote; the engines are getting cheaper, and I've seen swaps done around $6k. If boost is an option, a mild rebuild (stock crank, Gen 2 Coyote rods, basic forged pistons) of that 2V with a power adder (On3 Turbo, Torktech or Vortech Supercharger) will take you further than the TFS head kit, for about the same price.