Engine Rebuild or Replace

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by jhooks320, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. I have a 2oo2 mustang V6 and I can tell the engine is getting old. It is starting to slightly lose power and is collecting rust. It has 116000 miles and barely any parts have been replaced from original. I was wondering if I should have it rebuilt or just find a remanufactured engine and have a shop put it in.
  2. If you must drive the car then find a salvage yard engine, build it the way you want and then on a weekend, when you have time, drop it in. These engines are pretty bulletproof 115K is actually not that much.
  3. yeah dude 115k is nothing!!! i have over 300k on mine and its faster than it was new and no probelems with the engine at all , except maybe the oil filter getting clogged every once in a while , you gotta really watch for that , about 9 times out of 10 its not the engine itself thats causing it to lose power but an engine component like the fuel filter or spark plugs or simple :poo: like that , when a motor is real bad itll burn alot of oil , like i said mines up to 300k and burns no oil at all , unless its burning oil , ticks at startup along with low oil pressure , ticks all the time , always has low oil pressure , or you know for a fact that a valve is bad or head gasket , then i would check engine components and do a compression test
  4. i have owned 3 other mustangs... i recently picked up my v6 2002 with 127k miles... after a cold air intake, a used flowmaster 40, plugs, fuel filter... i then ran a can of seafoam thru the tank.... a week or so later, i put 2/3 of a can down the throttle body via the brake booster line... then rest in tank..
    let sit for 15 min..then crank and rev between 2000-3000 rpms (not too high).... til most of the smoke clears.. then take for a spirited ride.... i think you will like the way your throttle response improves and your engine smooths out .... the seafoam will burn some of the carbon build up out of the motor that has built up over the years.....that engine should last as long as you want with normal driving...let the motor breathe... service the car and seafoam ... you should see a big improvement..

  5. Could you post a diagram of where the brake booster line is? Thanks for the advice btw. Theres a lot I wanna do to this car but I just need to get past all the mechanical stuff first. Another question though? is there supposed to be like 3 inches of slack on the throttle cable?
    Also on another post i mentioned about a grinding sound at low RPM but now it has turned more into like a rattling piece of metal. Like I said just at low RPM.
  6. 116K miles is not much at all. When was the last time you did a tune up? The spark plugs probably need to be replaced.

    You probably just need simple maintainence to get it back to peak form. This isn't the 1970's where 100K miles was a high number of miles on an engine. These days, 100K is just getting broken in.

    Surface rust on an engine is no big deal either.
  7. the brake booster line is on the firewall, right behind the master cylinder...the big round thing is the brake booster... the rubber line runs from there to the motor (upper intake, i think)... also.. there should not be any slack in your throttle cable..sounds like someone has messed with it... at idle, with the petal all the way up, you should be idling around 700 or so when the engine is warmed up.... also.. i think you'll realize, the more you look under the hood, the more you'll learn about what sounds normal and what doesn't .. also you will see little things that bang, rattle, squeak, etc.. and you will begin to understand your car a little better...good luck