Rebuild Or Trade?

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  1. So I've been thinking lately I really like the 99-04 mustangs and was wondering if there any better then my 94 gt. Besides being newer what's better about them? Are they really that much faster? I really like the body style but I like mine also. I know that the 4.6 of those years are better but I really like the 5.0. And I'm really excited about a 331/347 stroker for my 94. Just curious?
  2. As a previous owner of a 2003 GT 5-spd i bought new....yes, they are nice.

    However if you are doing a 331...then what's the point of looking at a 4.6?
  3. Because young lads like to dream. As far as a "trade" really it depends on what kind of $ you have in the bank. You'll pretty much be giving your 94 away plus what like $10k or so??
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  4. Obviosly if I went ahead with a
    331/347 I wouldn't be getting the newer gt. I just love the way they look. But I know for sure the 331/347 would make more power and be funner to drive. I'm really just curious if the ride is any different. In the end I qould be happier with the 94 when its all done. Because I built it and its litterally "mine" and personalized for me and me only. But it would be nice to have the newer mustang as they look badass.
  5. Well man it's apples and oranges. It'd be like owning/driving a "new" car or a 20 yr old car. The 94 will most likely always be a work in progress where as w the new one you just gas up and go. Like I was saying earlier they won't give ya much for your 94 for a trade so you might as well keep it even if you went and got an 09. Or I guess you could sell it for a little and have like 3k to throw towards the new one. But one more time, if you ever end up w the stroker it'll be a hotrod and you know always something going on w a hotrod that needs addressing. If you got an 09 it'd be like driving a "new" car. Gas and go
  6. That's about as far as 99% of "projected" mods tend to go on this site. Dreaming is fun....reality sucks!

    If it were me, I wouldn't bother trading to a '99-'04. The cars are just too similar. If you want to swap, swap up to an S197, or down to a Fox. Any other trade between '94 and '04 IMO is mostly lateral.
  7. If it weren't for dreams the forums would only consist of uhh what's this and how do I fix it?
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  8. Yeah I know the 94 worth nothing and if I were able to trade up to a 99-04 its most likely gonna be junk aswell. Ill just stick with the 94 as the foxes araren't as appealing to me as the 94. And I'm not dreamin bout the 331/347 I make enough mulah to make it happen just gotta get alittle saved to do it. With the money I would need to get myself in a newer stang I can throw at the 94 and end up with something cooler. The 99-04s aren't demanding much money as most are beat to death already.
  9. I'm also not so sure about a stroker. I hear the drivability is crap and you can't rely on it. Might just go with a 331 non stroker or just throw a power adder on the rebuilt factory block. Like I've said in previous threads I just want 350 rwhp that's all.
  10. Although if I ever found a fox with a good setup say a 347 or something along those lines where the seller isn't crazy on the asking price I might jump on it lol
  11. IMO, based on this statement ^^^, I'd say you should really start saving up and let someone else do the work for you. Count on at least $5,000-$10,000 in parts and labour to do it right.

    A 331 is a is a 347. The difference is mainly the rod length...hence the added "stoke". And I'm not sure who you were talking to, but drivability with a larger cubic inch engine is generally better, not worse. It's the supporting components (Heads, Cam, Intake) that are going to ultimately dictate the way the car runs and drives. My 331 runs like a raped ape and is ever bit as easy to drive around town as my 302 was....and I haven't even had it tuned yet.
  12. my 333 is funner than your 331 :rlaugh:
  13. Fixt :)
  14. x2. The larger displacement motor does not have to work as hard to achieve the same HP as a smaller motor, and can support more HP. Example- a plain old 351 can easily get 400 hp with a HCI swap, while a 302 takes that plus a blower or power added. Stroke out the 351 to 408 and you can hit 450-500 hp with the right parts and still run on pump gas.
  15. Yeah I don't know much about displacement oand stroke length and what not. But I would def have somebody else do the motor as I'm no way qualified to pull that off. So you can't get to 331 without changing the stroke. I did not know that. Lol I've asked that question numerous times on here and never got a straight answer. I know a lot about cars but engines are new to me besides bolt on bull crap. Internals is a new language to me
  16. So I am guessing a 306 is a big as u can go without changing stroke length? I know I can do the heads and intake manifold but it would have to be ready with the correct springs and whatnot. And I wouldn't be able to install it either. Luckily I know people who can work with me to get it done.
  17. The only language you need to understand with this one is "$$$". It's not going to be a cheap venture, so start saving now. :)

    I've got about $3,500 into my long block and that was after doing most of the work myself and picking up a used set of heads, cam and intake. That doesn't include the intake and fuel system components I've added to the mix.

    It's like that old saying. "Speed costs money. How fast do you want to go?"
  18. I got two quotes on a 347 installed it was a little less then 7 grand. Now my next question is a stroker worth that money?
  19. 306ci is basically a stock 302, with a .030 over bore. It's your basic rebuild. If it were me, I'd either just re-ring the stock 302, or go out for a stroker. If you're going to go to the trouble of boring the block and changing the pistons, you might as well take it a step further and change the while rotating assembly.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "correct springs" but most aftermarket heads will be saddled with a decent set of springs already. The only head upgrade I can thin of that I would recommend upgrading the springs with are GT40/GT40P heads. Otherwise, most aftermarket heads will have sufficient spring pressure to handle moderate cam lift.

    If you can't afford to buy a crate engine, or have one built by a profession, my advice would be to pick yourself up a second engine and build it on the engine stand at your leisure. Invite your smartest gearhead friends over, supply the beer and the pizza and have at it. Drop in and out on this site as you go when you have questions, have a decent cash reserve to work with and be patient.
  20. What topend is on it? Brand etc. 7k doesn't sound awful if its decent stuff and is up and running