Rebuild Or Trade?

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  1. My original budget was 7 grand. But its going to take awhole for that money. So I was thinking about having the short block made and finishing from there and having a shop install the motor. But my buddy said he can help with all that and he knows how to do that stuff so he would be teaching me
  2. I'll assume that a complete running engine? Whether it's worth it or not is going to be up to you? A well put together 347 will make a good 150-200hp and a generous amount of torque over the output of your stock 5.0L HO. You'll be the envy of your buddies and there won't be much on the street built today that'll run with you.

    So is that worth $7,000 to you? I'll assume that's just the long block built up using new parts. You also have intake and fuel system requirements to worry about as well...count on another $1,500 or so for those.

    Gets expensive, huh. :D

    For your purposes....I think building a new short block might be beyond the scope of your, or your friends expertise. Your quickest and cheapest way to bigger power levels IMO is going to be a H/C/I replacement and an entry level supercharger kit. That'll make more than enough power to put a smile on your face and still keep you within your $7,000 budget.
  3. Yeah I read another thread on here somebody was arguing that the spring have to be changed on the teick flow top end kit. I was a bit confused when I read that parr as its a quality top.end so it should be ready to go out of the box. Then the same thing I rwad on the gt40 heads wich I do bielive it is a good idea to upgrade on gt40s
  4. Yup complete engine installed, start er up n go. I think its worth it but I have no clue. Butthat wwouldn't give me the satifaction of building it up myself even if I started with a short block. Whats a long block thatcomes with the heads installed right?
  5. For your purposes....I think building a new short block might be beyond the scope of your, or your friends expertise. Your quickest and cheapest way to bigger power levels IMO is going to be a H/C/I replacement and an entry level supercharger kit. That'll make more than enough power to put a smile on your face.
    Trick Flow springs are "ok". The valve job is more important than the springs with them. You shouldn't have an issue with their springs if you keep cam selection on the conservative side.

    GT40/GT40P heads were found on the Ford Explorer. They had weak valve springs form the get go, as they only needed to support the lift and duration values of the truck camshaft. They're too weak for most performance grinds and should be changed out. A good set of springs for GT40/GT40P heads can be had for around $100.
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  7. I wouldn't build the short block I would buy one and go from there over time. But even from the short block I prob couldn't even getit done from there. I just don't trust other poeple doing the work for me. I do think it would ve fun to pick up a shortblock and give it a
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  10. I guess I really won't know what my plan is untill the money is in my hand. Would love a stroker but I'm kindof thinking that its not gonna happen. And now I'm discouraged to build one up from the already professionaly built short block.
  11. I should get a used supercharger and b low this **** up that way I'm forced to fixed it sooner hahaha
  12. But for reals. Ask they guy who'd do the 347 for 7k how much to rebuild the 302 w a better topend and compare
  13. I think you need to set some goals! How much power? That will figure in what parts will be needed to accomplish your HP requirements. YOU need a plan before the money. I would not be discouraged by what Gearbanger said. You just need to read a little more and do some research and find the right friend and machine shop to help you out. Plus with the internet...there is always someone who has been there done that and is willing to help you out. You said you like to do stuff yourself that is a good thing, that will save you money and it will be done the way you want it. I'm not telling you to build the engine yourself but I think you could have the short block build and with assistance you could take it from there.

  14. I had goals and a plan. Now I'm rethinkin that plan. Lol a stock rebuild with the trick flow top end kit sounds good to me. Maybe a turbo. Havent fully committed to the turbo idea yet. Kinda scary puttin a turbo on a stock block with the top end kit I feel ill be nearing the blocks limit. I really love turbos but I don't want to go much over 400hp. I know with the top end kit from trickflow ill be around 300hp to the wheels I'm assuming. So if I add a decent turbo (used if possible to keep the cost down) I should be around 350-400rwhp. I know the block can't handle much more the 400-500. Plus I want it a dd. Ill rarely go to the track. If I did it would be the road course about an hour from me. And would be just for fun. Now lets say I did the trickflow setup. Is any trans work needed? I know if I go with the turbo on top of that ill have to beef up the trans to be safe.

    Right now I'm planning on buying the short block from summit or somewhere. Then ill buy the trickflow topend kit or maybe piece something together. Ill build it slowly in my garage.
  15. I def can't build the short block but I'm confident I can go from there with the internet and chiltons or something
  16. I'd advise against a turbo set up for the novice. Turbo's can be problematic and inconstant. Yes, there are cheaper kits out there, but you really get what you pay for. A well engineered kit along with all of the supporting parts to make it work is going to eat up most of your $7K budget.

    If it were me, I'd look into a nice Vortech SC-Trim set up to compliment that Trick Flow top end. You'll make all the power you'll ever need and probably still come in under your $7K budget after all is said and done. Not to mention, the install is far less complex than any turbo set up and the power is more consistent.
  17. Yeah I was thinking the same thing. The turbo kit would have to be installed at a shop as I can't really weld and no nothing about turbos. I was going to ask what would be an entry level sc? I've only seen vortec s trims and there almost 4k alone. Sc are pretty much bolt on righ? No modifications needed except supporting mods like fuel injectors fuel pump etc.? Do they still offer the older vortec kits? I see a lot of people running the s2 or sc but can't seem to find one for sale and I'm nervous about buying used because I don't know what to look for. Can a supercharger be rebuilt?
  18. Also wouldn't I need forged internalls or is that only if I plan on big hp? I don't want anything over say 425 I want to be in the 350-400 range.
  19. You can get a nice non intercooled V3 Si-Trim Vortech kit for about $3,500. It comes with everything you'll need for the install. The kit will utilize an FMU, so larger injectors aren't immediately needed. You can always add those later on down the road if you feel it necessary.

    With a Trick Flow Top end kit and Vortech Si you could easily make your 425hp goal without pushing the limits at all. The stock HO block is limited mainly by the block itself. You're more likely to split the block before hurting the internals, so I wouldn't let that concern you.
  20. 7k was a 347 paired with the trickflow track heat kit from ric at rnh not sure If that was installed too. He msde it seem like it was