Rebuild Or Trade?

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  1. Oh wow didnt think I could make that power that easy lol
  2. Thanks gearbanger I needed a reality check lol. You def steered me in a different direction. I like the way I'm headed now. Question does that supercharger whine? I want that sound lol
  3. Just know that if you throw that kind of power at the car, weak points start to break and will need attention. Add another few grand for upgraded brakes, suspension, transmission, etc.
  4. Well, at least you picked the right guy to build your engine.
  5. Suspensions done and I ordered new and bigger rotors and calioers all the way ariund. Tranny would be after the motors done.
  6. Yeah if I go the stroker route I'm def going tohave rick build it.
  7. Also I'm not gonna drive the car like an ******* either I might jump on it here and there but I want it as a daily driver. So even if I have that kind of power I'm not going to use it often. The car will prob never see a drag strip. Road course maybe. I really don't want to go too crazy so I would like to keep the cost down. So its prob going to be me building it in my garage over tje course of a year or more. Hopefully I have the engine built before the one that is in the car now dies. I'm going to slowly order parts as I have the money starting with the block and a good book to learn as I go. I'm not mechanicly retarded. I might sound like it but I do know how to do something. I've built cars before just not like the mustang mainly jeeps and two camaros. T he jeep was a heap of trash when I bought it for 200 $. Then I semi restored and built a new suspension for offroading I sold it for 8500 $. Somehow I made mon ey on that jeep. I guess I got lucky I o ly put about 6 grand into it. I did a lot of external engine work pretty much everything you can see was new or remanufactured. I was proud of that jeep and that's how I want to feel about this mustang.
  8. Ok so I don't know how to add a link. Its the 5.8 351 economy shortblock from latemodelresto. Would this be a good option? Its 1299$. The regular 5.0 shortblock is 999 $. Now would I build up the 351 the same way? Can I throw a teickflow kit on it like the 5.0? Or would this be a lot more work?
  9. I assume I would need a wiring harness. Or is it something I can swap in just as easy as the 5.0 block. I noticed a lot of the aftermarket part are for the 5.0 & 5.8. Njust curious if its a direct swap.
  10. And what about my trans its a 5spd (t5)? Would it bolt on no problem?
  11. I know I sound stupid but I'm not. I just have a hard time translating my thoughts into words on this phone. And sorry for all the stupid questions I'm teying to soak up all the info I can get from you guys. Thanks in advance. If I'm being stupid just tell me. I tend to overthink things when it comes to my cars
  12. You do know there is an edit button, where you can go back and add to your post, right? Just sayin.
  13. Yeah but I'm on my phone and it takes forever because I'm in a "dead zone" so I never have a good connection. Its way quicker to do what I do. Sorry man I know its a pain in thw ass. And I don't mean to blow up my own thread lol. Ill tey and get all my thoughts in one post. I was waitin for somebody to say something about it lol. And I'm lazy. I'm still figuring it out ill get better with time. Foroums are new to me. And I suck at spelling. Also thiss thing is way behind me to. When I'm typing the screen oslike 5 words behind me so its a pita. Again I'm sorry guys. You guys prob hate me by now lol. But hey I used the edit button three times already on this post so I'm gettin there hahaha:confused: