Rebuilding a Race Car Legend - GT40 - Discovery Channel tonight

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  1. anybody who watches this, let us know what it was like, i don't have cable... I'd love to see some more footage of the car and hear the sound of that beast. All i've seen of this car is the super bowl add and the trilogy video, but the gt didn't do anything too crazy there, it was all about the stang in that one.
  2. i'm going to tivo it, so if you want a vhs copy (not for sale of course) just pay for the blank tape. let me know. i know i need a dvd recorder.
  3. I am going to tape it on my PC TV card. I will be able to VCD or MPEG it.
  4. I love the GT40. When I was in college I had a poster on my wall of the 1-2-3 finish at Le Mans. I wish I still had it.
  5. Please mpeg it. I'm too lazy+busy to watch.
  6. There is a company in South Africa which builds Cobra replicars and they are gorgeous. They're working on a GT40.
  7. tivo'd last nite, watch'd tonite. awesome car! awesome! so much power, unbelieveable handling, a dynamo! i can only afford a mustang it'll be my lil GT40. ford engineers are's a ferrari killer no doubt. it beat the ferrari 350 by 3-4 secs per lap, both at 500hp...and then the ford engineers put in another 100hp. ferrari killer!
  8. hey sajawebb, did they have a lot of footage of the car being driven? Mostly i wanna hear the thing. Also, did they talk about the output of the engine? i know they re-spec'd it to 550hp, but someone was saying a while back that it was pulling 560 with the wheels still slipping on the dyno.
    If anyone is able to post an mpeg of this, it would make me very happy.
  9. the program started out with an artist sketching the old 67 and bringing it into the 21st century. it was basically just a race car, no creature comforts. not that the new one has all the amenities of even the 05 stang. no cupholders/etc. but now it has legroom, headroom-not the tight cockpit of 67. from sketches to clay models to 10 test mules to 3 carshow GT's. Plenty of footage of the car being driven hard by ford engineers. the sounds are unbelievable. while it burned major really grabs the road as far as handling goes on the straigh-a-ways as well as the curves. i don't remember the numbers (engine output) other than hp's, but when they swapped the 5 for the 600 hp engine it wouldn't start. they ran a handheld computer and flipped thru all the ford configs. i saw explorer, mountineer, expedition, and when they got to started to turn the time the computer was around f-250 it cranked up and the roar was dynamite. i think someone was gonna mpeg this. the best i could do is video tape it.
  10. I have it mpeg, it is 650mb.
  11. okay, so how bout you make a collage of all the best parts and trim out the crap.
    or make the screen like, two inches across, just leave the sound.
    or write out a transcript of everything they said, including onomatopoeia for the car sounds.
  12. Want to put it up on the web somewhere so we can download it?
  13. 32 hrs to download :notnice: and i've got dsl!!! glad i saw it already :nice:
  14. doing the best I can, comcast (cable modem) doesn't give me a great upload speed.
    I would be happy to upload it somewhere with more bandwidth.
  15. It must be nice to be on a design where you get to beat the piss out of sick cars that most of the public can't afford. "Gee, what did you do at work today?" "Oh smoked a clutch in a Ferrari 360 Modena, while doin some hotlaps." Those guys must have a real tough time going to work in the morning. I loved when they showed the Ferrari getting passed by the Ford on the racetrack!