Rebuilding can need to get rid of a few things..

Discussion in 'Exhaust Parts' started by 90bluegt, Jul 12, 2010.

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  1. Hey guys -- Im just starting a rebuild of my stang and aren't going to need a few of the items that I currently have.

    Got a set of MAC shorty headers 1 5/8 primaries to a 2.5 collector -- looking for 75 dollars -- sold...

    Have a MAC O/R h-pipe -- looking for 100 dollars

    Bassani high-flow cat'ed x-pipe -- looking for 250 dollars

    If your interested let me know, also I prefer a local sale in order to avoid shipping costs and having to ship the items. Pics upon request...

  2. where r u located..I'm interested in the headers..I'm in NC..would u ship?
  3. I'm in MA.. The problem with shipping is that I have nothing to ship them in and every time I ship items the shipping price is rather high.
  4. well..thanks anyhow..sounds like s good deal for someone local.
  5. mid pipes

    Im interested in your mid pipes, i have bbk shorty headers. I would prefer the bassani catted exhaust as im in MA too. But i do have hi flow cats on order so i could take the mac pipe too if it is for shorty headers.

    [email protected]
  6. Reply sent..
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