Rebuilt Engine Questions??

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  1. I bought my car with 215,000 miles on the odometer from an elderly couple who used it for road trips. The interior & exterior is flawless, looks brand new ... Supposedly the "new" engine has 50,000 miles on it but its the original engine with new heads, parts, etc.... I've had numerous people check it out and says it looks good and should last a long time if I keep up with usual maintenance but is there anyway to check myself that these are recently added engine parts? I'm approaching 220,000 miles on odometer and getting a little nervous even though I plan on keeping the car. The tranny is original and I would like to do a trip to Canada with it.

    Any insight?
  2. A compression check is as good as you're going to get without disassembling things. Have someone do it who has done a few before, and see what they tell you.
  3. Ball joints, external bushings, wheel bearings, look for metal in the fuel filter, check wiring harness for sighns that the sensors were scoped and rodent activity, check rear diff fluid for metal shavings. Use your ears and eyes for items that don't seem stock.
  4. I second the compression check. Also getting the front suspension joints was a good recommendation.

    The engines in these cars can run reliably for a long time, especially if they haven't been flogged.

    Past checking the before mentioned items, have the brakes, battery, starter and alternator checked. Then maybe look at the rear suspension control arms bushings.

    Otherwise, if it isn't giving you any troubles, you are probably good to go.