Progress Thread Rebuilt Motor, S/c, Do My Numbers Make Sense?


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Dec 19, 2016
Hi guys! So the car:

04 mustang GT vortech V-2 with a 2.7in pulley
Heads: Trickflow 44cc 2v
Custom cams Bullet Cams: I can get numbers if it matters
Cobra crank and pistons
8 rib serpentine belt
Heavy duty A2W intercooler, I do not have heat issues( can go into this if it matters).
Fuel twin ford gt pumps with a kenne bell BAP and all necessary wiring mods.
I still have the stock bypass valve that comes with the 3.33 pulley.

I just ran it on a Dynojet today and produced 454 rwhp/432 ft tq
AFR hangs right at the 12 mark

Is this as good as it gets? I don't know max boost I have enough trouble looking at the boost gauge while smashing the throttle.

Honestly, I love it but I see posts of other guys that are getting 590ish rwhp etc. with similar setups.

My compression is perfect and the car is more than enough to kill me. But...I just got to know is it done or did I miss something. Thanks for reading. Cheers!
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Jun 2, 2005
Joplin, Missouri
Seems low.... But every car is different.

However, it's what numbers it runs at the track that I'd be more concerned with. The dyno is just a tool.


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Apr 6, 2011
Hillsborough county
I completely agree. With what is this car tuned? How aggressive is it? Is the current tune safe (timing wise) you could eek out some more torque by fattening it up to 11.8 afr at peak torque.... then make more power by leaning it out to 12.2 at peak hp...

But then you have to ask yourself, why?

My best advice as a tuner is to tune it to MBT then back the timing off 2* for a street tune.


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Dec 19, 2016
Honestly, I appreciate the comments so far. I have a very safe tune on the car and I trust my tuner immensely. The advice about playing with the timing a lil is taken and will be considered. I looked around at others builds on this thread and I am not doing so bad. It seems that the high 500s are the guys running nos or meth or even both. Not knocking those builds, just outta my budget. If anything I don't want to mess with the car anymore, I just want to drive what has turned into a 2 year project.
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