Received hate mail about starting my car..

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  1. I still live with my parents and today arriving home from work I see a letter that doesn't contain a return address. So I open it and find some threats to me and my parents because I start my car and leave for work between 4:30 and 5:30 on some mornings. I don't rev it or speed in our neighborhood though either. My car can be pretty loud, with a Vortech/Magnapacks and a OR X pipe.

    Said person stated I "should be checking my tires each day" and called my parents and myself, **** suckers and pricks. The writer also stated the police will soon be called on me..

    I don't particularly know who is sending them, but I will hold onto the letter in case something does happen.

    I wonder what the neighbor would say if I got a bike and rode that to work in the morning!

    Is there anything else I should do to protect myself from said asshat?
  2. Get a DD or ditch the o/r midpipe :shrug:
  3. Id post this in the Squeaky Wheel section. Youll prob get a little more traffic.
  4. If the cops do show up ask who made the call and then present the police with the letter and tell them you feel threatened since the letter says that you should check your tires. You may get a ticket for noise but they'll get in a lot more trouble for the letter. Also, was the letter placed in your mailbox? If so they may get in trouble for that as well
  5. HELL NO! get a game cam and set it up so they cant see it, then continue to drive, if only one person is complaining the police arent going to do anything. been there done that, been threatened by neighbors, had the police called 100 times.
  6. Call you local PD and have an officer come take an incident report. It'll remain on file in case SOME crim misc does happen to the vehicle.

    This won't fix your problem but having it on file would be nice if it DOES.
  7. The first letter I received about a year ago was placed in our mailbox with no stamp. This one was mailed though. This one seems more hostile than the old one and is definitely the same person writing it. I posted this same thread in a local Mustang forum where some local LEO's post and are a part. I more likely than not will just file a report showing what physically happened, just to have proof. They can threaten my tires all they want, they are just some cheap Sumitomo's anyways!

    We have motion lights that do come on, I am thinking about installing/rigging a real or fake camera just to piss off this person even more!
  8. **** your neighbors
  9. When I lived in an apartment I could'nt have cared less what people thought of me waking the dead at 2am to go to work in the Mach, but now that I live in a Condo development I'm not even gonna attempt to drive to work in my Mach at that time. I drive my Focus always. I know how loud my Mach is with a catted midpipe and Magnapacks, I can't imagine an offroad pipe. That's insanely loud. How much longer are you gonna live with your parents?
  10. I used to live in a gated community where it seemed that being an uptight ******* was almost a requirement for living there. I used to get anonymous letter like that regarding my car pretty frequently in my mail box, although not nearly as vulgar. I would always stand out on the curb and tried to be as visual as possible as I tore the letters up with a huge smile on my face.

    People like this need to go **** themselves.
  11. absolutely,
    i would never ever. change my exhaust just because of someone else.
    just kick his ass on a daily basis. and he won't **** with you. and if it's A she.
    have a big fat female friend. take care of it for you.
  12. If you car isnt garaged, then i'd set up a camera and File a police report.
  13. This.
  14. Get to the police first and file a report. Weld fake cats on to the offroad mid pipe.
  15. Why do all of you think it's alright to have loud a** exhaust that disturbs neighbors at 4:30AM? While I certainly don't agree with the random threatening letters, I can see why a neighbor would be frustrated with a loud a** car in the wee hours of the morning.

    Case in point, I live near the hood and late at night some stupid f'n loser drives by with his bass booming, or some redneck on a GD harley drives by with no mufflers. That chit is noisy and disrespectful and has awaken my son who would cry and we'd have to get up for at least 30 min to console him back to sleep.

    I had an o/r h on my car before getting the catted x-pipe and I knew it was loud and didn't drive it early in the morning and certainly wouldn't have driven it late at night. Try to be considerate and cognizent of your neighbors and either find yourself a DD or don't let the rpm's go above 2,000 until you're at least a few miles away from your parents street. I understand you don't speed through your neighborhood, but above 2K rpm's exhaust on a 2V w/ a catless midpipe sounds like a f'n machine gun.
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  17. Eat chit Justin :nice:
  18. +1. Game cameras are cheap. Moultrie Gamespy 5 Megapixel Digital Infrared Game Camera: Sports & Outdoors

    If the neighbors have a problem they should come and talk to you about it like responsible adults. Then you know who it is and you could be especially careful / come to a reasonable compromise so that the situation can be fixed. Sending threatening letters is just plain stupid.
  19. People have nothing better to complain about than a loud car. Install a camera and if they touch your car or tires, kick their ass or press charges.

    Your car and you have a right to drive it WHENEVER you want to. PERIOD.
  20. Be reasonable

    Just as the guy sending the letter is being crazy and unreasonable, I also think it's unreasonable to expect neighbors to be OK with really loud pipes at 4:30 in the morning, especially those that have small kids or kids that go to school. I think if you had the exhaust toned down just a bit, you could at least say you did your part to give the neighbors a break, most of whom I'm sure are nice, normal people, unlike the one crazy person that sends you letters.