Received hate mail about starting my car..

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  1. And then all of the neighbors will sell their Harley's and cut their dogs' vocal cords? And the government will take my guns back?

    Screw that.
  2. I'm lucky now I live in the country a bit where every other house is a redneck pickup that has some sort of exhaust on it so I don't think they really care about my car...either way I used to live in a townhouse of the neighbors came and talked to me about my car if I could move it to a back parking lot or not start it up and let it run in the mornings...I was happy to comply because they asked nicely...did anybody ever try to mention your car was bother them or was it just random hate mail the whole time? I could def see how it could be annoying that early in the morning but then again some people are just *******s.
  3. It has been hate mail. Nothing polite. Just someone pissed off enough to write letters and not have enough respect or balls to come say it to my parents or my face. I am not doing anything in the wrong here. In fact, slightly deeper into the subdivision there are two more supercharged Mustangs and one loud ass Z06. They both leave at similar times in the morning as I do. There also are LEO's living not to far from my house.

    If someone showed me respect and not just barehanded threats, I might try to improve upon it, but until then the car might have some really early cold starts in its future.
  4. :shrug:
  5. True, that is chicken $#@% of them not to just talk to you face to face.
    I would think the houses right next door would be the prime suspects here.
    You could just ask them if theres a problem.
  6. it takes like 2-5 min at most to go back to sleep if you get woken up in the middle of the night.. wtf are peoples problems
  7. im pretty sure youre allowed to run catless pipes in FL

    if his neighborhood has a sound ord. thats a diff story. maybe find out with that dB rating is and see where your exhaust stands
  8. :eek:

    *starts packing to move to FL*
  9. note i said "pretty" btw. i have a friend down there who mentioned something about this a few years ago. a confirmation is needed :rlaugh:

    its something like....the law doesnt mention cats specifically but your overall exhaust system may not be louder than in stock form or something like that. which in effect means that FL cops are unlikely to issue a ticket for your exhaust system.

    its something convoluted like that
  10. MN doesn't require emissions checks anymore to register a vehicle. The only way to get a ticket is to get a "disturbing the peace" violation (squealing tires, loud exhaust, or loud stereo to name a few).
    I was never pulled over running my o/r h and never required to pass a sniffer test :nice:
  11. It should say right on the midpipe that it can only be removed due to damage or 50,000 miles, and even then you have to get it documented. Almost no one enforces it, but I've read it right on the midpipe awhile back.
  12. that's like asking a man. to cut his own DICK off,
  13. Its called being considerate of others. Loud is one thing, incredibly f'n loud
    is another. Im not a big fan of 10,000 watt sub woofer pricks either.
  14. Apparently the exhaust isn't loud enough. Just put some lt's on it and see what they say.
  15. I’ve seen this a few times, and it’s a grey area of the law. It doesn’t fit the elements of the crime for Terrorist threats, Harassment, or Disorderly Conduct. Call your P.D. and let them know whats going on, they will probably take a report over the phone. Then start a collect of the “hate” mail. If something happens turn it into insurance, but don’t stress out to much, if they don’t have the balls to talk face to face or leave a return address chances are they don’t have the balls to do anything at all.

    P.S. The sound of a 12g Remington 870 chambering a round will clear a bar room, and a sign that says “Protected by Glock” will deter criminals.
  16. Roll down the windows, crank up the music, and roll down the street at 5k rpms. **** stupid whiney neighbors.
  17. you only have a o/r x and magna packs and they are complaining? man they have never heard a mach with longtubes 3" x and stingers...
  18. 6k dump through the subdivision always is a nice gesture.. my neighbors always thought that was "immature" of me lol
  19. Communicating a threat, each state has there version of that law, be it verbal or written, still illegal. He should sought after law enforcement to cover his behind.
  20. :lol: HAHAHA I would have went out and done a big smoky burnout down the road the next time I left.