Received hate mail about starting my car..

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  1. fire it up at 4:30 in the morn, sit on the rev limiter with the exhaust screaming and wait to see who comes out of there house first, thats who wrote the letter. or just be real ballsy and personally go to every house near you and talk to them, and see if someone fesses up.
  2. Correction i believe its a federal offense to mod your exhaust anywhere in the united states, but florida cops dont care enough to pull you over for a loud car, nor do they care enough about 5 percent tint all around.... man im lucky to live in fl :D

    To the op, just find out who wrote the letter, then one morning 3 am fire it up, let it warm up maybe crack a few revs, then drive in front of there house, and a 4500 rpm clutch dump+hitting the breaks until you have a few limiter pops and smoke is a good idea!!!
  3. You should ask the mailman who sent it. It's possible they mailed it from their mailbox. The mailman would recognize someone mailing a letter to a neighbor on the same street or closeby.
  4. Werd up. My Cobra has LT's, an O/R X, and Magnaflows. It's like an orchestra. :D
  5. Neighbors are lucky that you don't have cutouts with a big azz cam/s.
  6. No he would'nt. He just grabs the outgoing mail from the mailbox or collection box and just throws it into a mail tub. It does'nt matter if the letter is going just next door, it's goes through the entire mail processing and comes back the next day for delivery. If their's no postage on it, he would'nt touch the letter anyway even if it's just going down afew houses.
  7. If you aren't breaking a noise law or anything then don't worry about it. As long as you aren't being inconsiderate about it then it shouldn't be a big deal. It's part of living in a neighborhood. I've got a neighbor that has a dog that barks just to be barking. I talked to him about it and he puts it inside at night now. I had another neighbor that had a V6 Dodge truck with glasspacks. He would let it idle in front of his house while he talked on the cell phone late at night. He would also rev it before he shut it down like some dukes of hazzard crap. I think one of the other neighbors called his land lord and he got thrown out before I got a chance to talk to him about it. Calm face to face talk goes a long way when you have a problem with a neighbor, not a threatening letter with no return addy.
    When I moved into my house I had a ton of trash to haul off from the previous owner and I had it all bagged up on my porch and the front yard for less than a week. I got the same kind of letter from a neighbor telling me how inconsiderate I was and how they were going to call the city, blah blah. No identity on it. I moved it all to the yard and left it there for a couple of days for spite and every time I came home I announced alloud that it would be nice if my chicken chit neighbors wouldn't bother me while I was preparing my house to be moved into...
  8. Oh.... and leave a return letter for them in your mailbox. lol

    Thank them kindly for their concern about the welfare of your hearing and to please go F themselves. :rlaugh:

    You can even indicate the exact position of your newly instlalled camera.

    What are they going to do? Run to the cops stating that they got a threatening letter from your mailbox? :shrug:

  9. +1

    Its funny that when someone gets a complaint against noise against them in a mustang, people think ots funny and just tell the op to make it louder.

    But I wonder how many people would be pissed off if Johnny ricer came out of his house, fired up his fart cans and turned the bass up to 11 every morning at 4:30am? Or i can't even tell you the number of times some idiot on a custom chopper goes wide open throttle at 1am up my road waking up everyone in the neighborhood.

    I know I get pissed when I get woken up. We all need to live together considerately, but a lot of people don't. (this has nothing to do with the op). My driveway faces my neighbors bedroom when I pull out, and I frequently leave for work at 4am or so. I wait til I am out on the street before flipping my hids on so I don't blind them in the bedroom when I start the car and leave. But there are plenty of people who are "me first" and will just flip them on, not care and be on their merry way.

    Granted...sending threatening letters is a different story.
  10. Yes it is against the law to threaten and also to stick mail in someones box without postage. My neighbor was an Akron cop, had his girlfirend come out yelling at me once for starting my car at 8:50PM. She said she had kids tryin to sleep I said "They're not your kids B%$#*"! Mr. toughguy cop didnt like that. He told me in front of my parents that I had no idea what he was capable of, while in his uniform! I called his Captain right there on the spot! He was fined and never messed with me again!! lol. Also i turn corners at 5 miles an hr and get yelled at to slow down by this same women everyday. She stopped yelling once i stopped in the middle of the road, reversed it, and did a nice smokey burnout infront of her house! lol im such a prick!
  11. I live in an apartment and had someone complain to the building manager and moved and all i have is magnapacks with the stock h pipe. I dont get above 2k rpm so its really not that loud. Some people are just light sleepers i guess, i slept through my building's fire alarm once, my gf had to shake me to get up.
  12. Loud exhaust saves lives.

    My neighbors probaly like my exhaust so they can keep up w/me.
  13. A slight update:

    In talking to a pair of my secluded neighbors, we found out who really makes a point that my car is too loud and I am racing everywhere I go. (Which I do not). It is my next door neighbor who is an elderly lady who lives alone. She cursed me out, my parents out and my friends out for driving those white convertibles (an s2000 and another Mustang) to these neighbors. The only reason the nicer neighbors spoke to her is because her lawn company trashed 3 of the nicer neighbors sprinklers. When talking to the nicer neighbors, they stated that the woman was crazy, profane and unlikely to do anything other than ****. I'll attempt to be more considerate from now on, but that hag doesn't deserve any respect from my family.

    I don't do clutch drops on my street or do more than the posted speed limit which is all of 25 in between the 100's of stop signs in the neighborhood, so if anyone wants to complain they can stick it up their's.

    P.S. I just saw a cop about 4 hours down on the other side of the street tonight, must have moved in this past week or "complaints" as of yet..
  14. The neighbor of my wife's parents came out and talked to me one day. He said the car sounded good but asked me to be more respectful and cognizent of others, and that its frustrating for him to hear my car when I accellerate onto the main road. When he said that I apologized for the inconvenience and did my best to be extra careful if/when I drive by in my car.

    Like I said before, a nasty letter w/ no return address is busch league, but on the other hand be mindful of those around you. I certainly don't appreciate the harley fa**ots who pop the throttle all the way down my residential street, even if its the middle of the day it irks me. Especially one guy who f'n rips down my street. I've been meaning to follow him to his house and ask him to tone it down, but every time he rips by I'm in the house and having a kid at home it's tough to get out there and follow him.
  15. I live way out in the country, so I have no "next door" neighbors. However, everything does echo down here and I leave at 5am. I had a set of neighbors complain about my car waking them up every morning. I explained that my car was not nearly loud enough for me to do anything about it. They said that was BS and if I didn't stop driving it they'd start shooting their guns at 2am. I was like OK. My other neighbors that live much closer with a baby said they can't hear my car at all, not even when I parked it in their yard when my driveway washed out.

    Moral of the story? If only one neighbor is complaining, they're just being ****y.
  16. My neighbors car was really noisy and he would leave for work super early. I work late so he was killing my sleep. I didn't write him any nasty letters. I just slept with his wife and his teen daughter. They divorced and moved away... problem solved.
  17. :jaw: Jesus Christ man... that's f'n brutal
  18. Yeah that is a whole new level. :jaw:
  19. Damn.......just damn.:shrug:
  20. I was kidding guys... :rlaugh: I'm happily married and no problems with neighbors.