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  1. 102_0958.jpg

    Pure secks


    Btw is that a BBK 78mm throttle body?

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  2. Clean. I like it.

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  3. Thanks man, I really do appreciate it. Yes it's a 1 piece BBK 78mm throttle body and plenum. I love it.

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  4. Thanks for the reply, right now Im trying to decide if I should get a new throttle body or not. I was looking at the BBK78mm or the Stack racing one but right now Im still undecided.
  5. The TB wont do anything noticeable. If I were you I'd put some cash into your suspension. Ditch the 4x4 look and improve your handling.
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    But I do have zero turn radius now.

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  7. OUCH

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  8. baby jesus sheds a tear for you my friend
  9. I like it. It feels like it pulls better up top. It's not a big difference, but I could definitely tell a difference.

    The quality of the BBK is awesome. Plus, the 1 piece system looks pretty cool IMO. I would go with it.
  10. Mine is stock mechanically. Recently added new headlights, foglights, chin spoiler, and 14" antenna.





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  11. Penguin that GT needs some wheels.
  12. What happened?:(

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  13. ^^ What happened x2?
  14. I know right? Then I'll need to get it lowered. It'll never end.

    I really like the Konig Villains and Magnum 500 rims. Of course, they have to be the ones out of stock everywhere.
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  16. ac9190ccf5e7__1314639415000.jpg




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  17. Now that's what's up!

    Car looks excellent. Are they the racestars? If you dont mind me asking, what size are the wheels and tires front and rear?

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  18. Thanks. :nice:

    They are actually Greg Welds, basically the same design as the Race Stars. In the picture; the fronts are 15”x4” with Kumho tires (cant remember what size) and the rears are 15”x8” with 15x50x10.5” MT ET streets.

    Now I’m running 15” x 10” on the rears (not what’s in the picture) with 15x50x11.5 Hoosier Drag Radials.
  19. ItsStock02 Love the cobra mirrors. They set the car off so nicely with the added color in the area!

    Navarro98gt your car looks so clean. Those wheels set the car off! What other mods do you have to need the added meat out back?
  20. Need to get me some of those nifty mirrors in Sonic Blue. :D