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  1. I appreciate it. As soon as I decide to quit being lazy, I am going to relocate the battery to the trunk, and relocate the power distribution block to the inner fender. Should clean things up pretty nicely. Also painting the alternator, water neck, and coolant cross over black.
  2. You have 2005+ bullitt rims dont you
  3. I am going to paint my alternator as soon as my not lazy as well, i wouldnt reccomend black it wont look good, but a rattle can color called Seattle silver, is an awesome color for the alternator, but it is hard to find these days, so any silver would look good.
  4. oh yea it is;)


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  5. brad are you doing the fall cruise this year?
  6. Complete in love with this car!
    I wasn't a fan of the turn signal due to the fact its got that dumb amber reflector or w/e you want to call it, but its grown on me. I definitely want a set of ultra-clear headlights and foglights after seeing this!
  7. I love the look of a black alternator:


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  8. Here's a couple pics from Mustang Week of my car next to my buddy Jerry's car. It always sucks parking next to him, because his car makes mine look like pure poo.


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  9. ArcAngl's car makes a lot of cars look bad. :D
  10. Is the roof painted black or is it glass? Looks dark in the pictures.
  11. It's painted black.
  12. I took a picture not in my backyard!

    At least you guys give me something to aspire to with all of the nice looking Mustangs..


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  13. I appreciate it! :nice:

    Thanks! I'm planning on getting some more pictures here in the next few weeks. We've got a couple of really cool places already picked out.

    I actually like the amber reflectors. I know a lot of people like the clear turn signals, but I just don't care for it. Especially not on a silver car; it would make the entire front end just blah, in my opinion.

    At some point in the future, I'm going to play around with some VHT Niteshades to smoke the headlights. Not much at all, just enough to cut down on the 'shine' that the chrome gives the front end. I mocked up a piece of 50% tint on one of the headlights a while back, and dang, it was just perfect. I'm hoping I can get a similar result with the Niteshades. Exactly halfway between the ultra-clear chrome headlights and dark smoked headlights would be PERFECT. :nice:
  14. New toy alongside "The Old Car" LOL :rlaugh:

  15. :jaw: :drool: :nice:

    Love the car's man.
  16. ^^^^love the white

    Took a few pics real quick when I got to work this am. They're not very good but here they are anyway...



  17. Wow you all have some really nice Mustangs...I really had no idea how many nice ones are out there...actually I have loved them all but it started when i saw my first 1993 LX 5.0.
  18. Love the way your GT looks. Very clean.:nice: Where did you get the tag lights (never seen any that bright) and the fog lamps?