Recent Pics of Your Car

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  1. that side exhaust looks clean ^^^
  2. 100_1066.jpg


    I need to detail it and take it out with my buddy's black GT and do some photoshoots at nice places like we used to.
  3. Saw your car parked at the spring cruise.... ocean side... it was before the turn around by anthony's liquors. She looked good :nice:
  4. Bradfier, do you have the rear pieces of the Roush as well? Love the way it looks minus the side exhaust/side skirts hanging so much lower than the rear bumper. Other than that it looks incredible.
  5. Floridaboy.... And to think I have some perfect 17" chrome 03 cobras..... Sure wish you were not in florida! I'd have to chat about some trades if you were closer!
  6. All the cars look great!!!

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  7. Makes me miss my 98 :(
  8. Nice looking vert :nice:

    What size rim/tire combo in the rear? Looks great
  9. yea they fit nice!

    im pretty sure thats a 28/10.5 slick on a 15x8 rim with 4.5" back backing?

    am i right???:D
  10. I'll be moving to Delaware in October. Yeah it's a few months away but I'll keep it in mind for sure.
  11. mazen189 – Thanks!!

    SteedaGT9150 – Thanks, It was an amazing weekend, there were so many nice cars there! Are you going in October?

    txredgt – Yea I know what you mean, At first I wasn’t crazy about it either but it grows on ya. That is the Roush rear bumper kit, it’s just two skirts that cover up the cutouts on the bumper.
    sneaky98gt – That is a beautiful car you have there, and those are some great pictures did you take them yourself?
  12. I'll be there but unfortunitally my car will probably wont. It's time to start saving for a Cobra. Let's meet up and grab a beer though!
  13. Yep 28 x 11.50 x 15 ET Streets on Prostars


    and for those who like em topless...

  14. Here's a few with my phone..expecting to borrow a buddy's Nikon soon for some sexy shots..


  15. Good looking car but some horrible pictures :rlaugh: