Recent Pics of Your Car

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  1. my junk,


  2. The most recent pics of my Laser Red Fun machine




  3. the last few pics from the race track


  4. As in, thats a 2v gt with a centrifugal blower and you hooded/bumpered/badged it as a cobra. yep not digging it. :notnice:
  5. he probably digs your post as much as you dig his aesthetics.
  6. Well, it aint all show and no go.:shrug:

    His car at the end of the day.
  7. Some recent ones...



  8. Did you beat the 3v? :nice:
  9. Exactly.
  10. Badly. :nice:
  11. clean. :nice:
  12. Well here it goes.. hope no one makes too much fun of my car.. and hopefully I sized it right...



  13. I somehow missed this, sorry about that.

    I appreciate it, mang! :nice: I've done my best to make it and keep it looking good.

    I did not take those pictures, a couple of my buddies did. The really good pictures were taken by a Canon 7D with a REALLY nice (~$4000) lens, while the few other "good" pictures were taken with some sort of Nikon and crappy lens.

    Car looks good!
  14. Wanna line up?

    I'm actually not diggin the emblem either too small & not worth the crap from folks like... well - like you.

    Seriously though... cmon bring out your sonic blue Cobra ... & lets line up & play... it's only a 2v with a centri... how bad could it be...
  15. Im not going to stoop down to your level and start smack-talking, not worth it.
    Simply put: Badging a car something its not, is just plain wrong in so many
    ways, and im sure many here can agree. Keep in mind I am not saying you car
    is garbage, it's just nice when mustang owners keep it real with what they
    have. If you lived near me I would be more than happy to run you at the track.
    Good day to you, sir.
  16. :shrug: What kind of numbers with the forged motor + centri? :nice:

  17. very classy. you bash his car out of nowhere, not with one but two posts. he defends this, then you claim you will not 'stoop to his level'. wow.

    the emblems are the choice of the owner. looks to me he's got the power to back them up. if he wanted to spray paint a cobra on his doors, its his freakin car. he can do what he wants.
  18. 10char.
  19. techniclly some do as i consider his car to be a cobra "clone". the reason, he has the looks, and most important he has the horsepower. but you as many "true" cobra enthusiast sounds a lil jealous because he spent less money then you and could outrun your twin screw 4v with his cetrigy 2v:( but thats my opinion. but hey, its ok to hate, its what makes the world go round. but hey who hates gettin beat by a 2v when you spent the money on a 4v. i think the car is done absolutly great skidad.:nice::nice::nice: