Engine Recently had some work done and wondering about something...

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  1. This might sound stupid (im not sure) As I dont know a lot about cars aside from the basics of how to change my oil etc... Anyway! I recently had a rebuilt transmission as well as new plugs and coils put into my 2001 automatic mustang, has been running fantastic for the past month until today and my check engine light popped on. I checked under the hood to see if there was anything unusual when I noticed a wire running to one of my coils that was wired to it that I had never noticed before, not to mention it was completly new. Looks really sketchy the way it is laying across my engine and was wondering what this is for as I had never noticed it before. 20130412_184738.jpg 20130412_184753.jpg 20130412_184817.jpg
  2. Does the car have an aftermarket tach? An RPM window switch of some sort?

    Tapping the coil wiring like this is typically done when you want an RPM signal inside the cabin.

    Well, not like that. You're right: That looks unbelievably sketchy. Wires just twisted and not soldered? Hmmm. At least solder it but you should find out where the other end of that wire goes to see if it's equally sketchy or worse...
  3. Nope! Nothing in the cabin that isnt stock aside from a stereo receiver, but as far as rpm gauges or anything like that I have none, Im going to be going down there within the next few days as my car is now driving as if never had anything done to it, Still jumpy like i have bad coils and if i let off the gas after i get into 3rd gear the car jumps and i get a slight bang in the rear end. Wasnt doing this till the engine light came on.
  4. Someone may have had an aftermarket tach in the car in the past. Probably removed it when the car was sold.
  5. Was told someone had put it there as a ground for the aftermarket stereo...
  6. i have a similar wire and its purple as well. mine was wrapped in that black heat tube stuff(cant think of the name of it) i just left it, i have an aftermarket remote start but it doesnt bug me to much
  7. have you traced the wire to the inside of the car? if you can do so that would lead you to whatever it was ran for.
  8. mine is connected to the last fuel injector, i do have a remote start but it doesnt connect to the "brain box" it goes into a big nest of wires thats wrapped and under the dash. Ive had my car with 52k and now have 195k and now a new motor. so its been on there since ive had the car. Never really bothered me esp cause i dont want to take apart half the car and wire looms just to find out.