Reckless Driving.. What is gonna happen?

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  1. Well I finally got caught. Very stupid on my part. I should have known being on halloween it is the end of the month and cops are lookin to make quota.
    So i just got on the on ramp to go to class and put it in 3rd. Never looked down at my speedometer cuz i was just gonna pass everyone on the right then slow down liek i usually do. but there was mr. statetrooper hiding perfectly behind a sign with the way the highway went so i couldnt see him till it was too late. he asked how fast i was going? i said like 80??? he's like "80 huh? u want me to check the radar?" im said ok. he comes back 10 minutes later. "yea 98 and accelerating in a 65. that's reckless driving" that's when i pooped a little. but he goes "this is a summons, basically a ticket on steroids."

    i've gotten a summons before for 65 in a 40 and plenty of other tickets in the past but never reckless. i looked up the statute in CT and it says "a fine no less than 100 but not exceeding $300." doesnt say anythign about losing license. but dont insurance companies drop ppl with a reckless driving ticket. he did write 98 on the summons. i doubt he'll show up to court so im pretty sure i'll have to pay the fine but im more worried about losing my license for 3 months or having to tell my parents why we got dropped!!?? i dunno what is gonna happen. the last ticket i got was like when i had the wrx which was in like march 04 or 03? what do you guys think???

  2. Well here in michigan its 6 points and a 300 dollar fine, and a misdemeanor,
    I got a lwayer for mine settled for a 10 over 2 points and 150 bucks plus the 300 to the lawyer, but its worth it, with insurance and such. Good Luck
  3. Go to and post it in the the donut shop. Real cops will respond and they should have some good advice.
  4. :stupid:

    Yeah, just don't say anything silly like "Quota".

  5. Bottom line: get a lawyer. A lawyer that has contacts in that city should be able to talk to the majistrate and lesson the charge to careless or even probation (no tickets for 6 months, never goes on record). You will, no matter what, be faced with paying the fine and the lawyer cost.

    Good luck.
  6. so it is really is worth a lawyer's fees? that sucks. they're the biggest rip off. they know exactly what will happen. i know all about the laws being a criminal justice and law major. so me by myself explaining what happened won't be enough. i need to pay a guy in a suit with a briefcase $500 to tell the prosecutor the same thing i would. it's not right.
  7. Yea I thought that part about cops having a quota was all BS anyway? :shrug:
  8. maybe they dont have a quota but when you see a cobra going 98 mph, its gota be hard not to react lol but you would have been ok if it was a hybrid!!! ahahahha
  9. A good lawyer should be able to knock the points either down or completely off your record...but it's probably going to cost you a pretty penny...Reckless Driving is better than getting a Careless and Imprudent charge which pretty much ranks up there with a DWI, so you got sort of lucky...

  10. yeah reckless isn't good but i think i am worrying too much. there are other options that i hope they will give me. i'm gonna get there an hour early or so and beg to use AR or give a donation and try for the guilt trip that it will effect my parent's insurance and it isn't fair to them. etc etc etc...
    one more week..... this sucks too because i was supposed to get my gears in last friday and that was sorta a sign not to do it. i'm think i'm gonna do it the following friday after seeing how court goes :D i'm so stupid
  11. I'd get a lawyer for a charge like that...Without a lawyer you will end up with points, and your insurance company will find out about those and your premium will go up a lot...and points last 3 years, so if I were you I'd rather pay more for a lawyer and no points than to have to pay more on insurance over 3 years...
  12. Get a lawyer!
    I got popped going over bridge racing another car, he got me on radar 130 in a 65. I did have to go to jail for 4 hrs. paid a 500.00 bond. got two tickets - wreckless driving and a speeding ticket for over 30mph over the posted speedlimit.
    My attorney got the wreckless dropped, got the speeding dropped too. I paid 75.00 in court fees, 1500.00 to attorney, 500 came from my bond, I paid the other 1K, then I had to take a drivers class for 4 hrs. that kept me from getting 10 points on liscense, and a misdemeanor charge.

    the attorney was a little high, but he was the best in the county for just this reason. was referred to me by another racer. this was 4 years ago.

  13. as far as your insurance dropping you, it depends on who your carrier is. they distinguish b/w major and minor traffic violations. with the company i work for, if you have 2 majors in a year you will be "non renewed" not just "dropped" which means when your policy comes up for renewal, they will simply send you letter stating "due to blah blah, your policy will not be renewed for the next term..." if that is your first major traffic violation, i wouldnt worry too much about it. if your license is revoked, however your carrier will be notified and they will drop you in the middle of your policy term.
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    I did the same except i got a 116 in a 65 and two for wreckless and the the other for 30+ speeding..... zero to TEN POINTS! in one stop..

    I hired an attorney for $600 (just make sure you get one that knows the judges in that township) and after the judge actually mentioned taking my licence and putting me in jail he ended up dismissing the Wreckless and giving me the 30 over ticket and a $260 fine...

    My insurance went up only $20 a month thanks to the fact that I have an old VOlvo Wagon as my daily driver and State Farm applies the points to your daily driver and I have the stang listed as a rec vehicle with them. I took the AAA Safe Drivers course and my insurance went down more.
  15. i talked to a lawyer and he said it would be $750. he also said it may not be worth it. he said pretty much my only chance would be to beg to use AR (accelerated rehabilitation) or try for a donation and community service. i just want the reckless part dropped. if my parents find out about this i am basically dead and will have to sell my car because i will never be able to get insured on my own.

    we don't have points in CT but i hear if the reckless charge stands license will be automatically suspended for 30 days. driver retraining is $100... (i've been 4 times). No major tickets for me though. I believe only 2 show on my current record and the last one was in march 04.

    im goin w/o a lawyer extra early on monday with a suit and tie and begging for the charge to be dropped.:bang:
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    Amazing thing is you get punished more for either of these than you do for resisting arrest or shop lifting.... way more. I have met people who have been arrested for those offenses and I couldnt believe that they were punished less or the same as I was for my speeding ticket years ago. The insurance company continues to punish you for three years afterwards as well...

    Save it for the race track.
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