Recomended Valve Springs For Comp Xe274hr Cam

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by fiveohlover, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. I am putting new valve springs on my afr 185 and i was wondering what springs people usually run with this cam
  2. If it were me, I would call comp.
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  3. should i call them up or just order some from Ed Curtis?
  4. Either way would work:nice:
  5. alright what would be a reasonable price for some springs. Ed Curtis kits are all over $300 bucks for the springs, i know springs are important and pricy but i didn't think they were that much?
  6. Comp recommends their 987-16 springs for that cam.

    These are 121 on the seat and 343 open I believe. Probably no better than the stock AFR 185 springs. I believe they are around 130 on the seat. However, I have heard many say that Comp cams under rates their need for spring rates, meaning their cams could use a little more pressure than they recommend.

    Like someone else said, you may want to confer with the pros, Ed would be a good place to start, but his springs are very expensive. He sells Pac Alloy springs, and I believe the new AFR Renegade heads are equipped with Pac Alloy springs already.

  7. thanks good info. Could i just buy some springs that are a little stiffer than the recommended springs and call it good?
  8. I would call comp and tell them what springs you have now, and see what they say. Do you know what spring pressures you currently have?

  9. no not sure,what ever came with afr 185 #1387 heads. My motor blew this fall. A valve dropped down in my piston and not sure if its from valve float or from a week spring or valve. So i want to get some really good springs so this doesn't happen again
  10. Gotcha. Call Ed Curtis with Flow Tech Inductions. He will set you right.

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  11. Bringing this thread back from a few months ago. I am getting ready to purchase valve springs. I dont want to call up ed because his springs are too expensive. Anybody know which springs i should get from comp since there springs run a little weak for the xe 274hr?

    part# would be good
  12. come on, nobody has ever run a comp xe274hr? Just curious what springs you guys are running
  13. Well I currently run an xe274 cam.... But I already had springs rated for 110 on the seat & 310 open installed for a similar cam. No issues; but I do not plan on rpm'ing the heck out of it either.....
  14. could i use the same valve spring specs as you? I am planning to spinning her to 6500
  15. man...i just looked at my build,i have afr 185s also, and i dont think the builder changed the springs like i asked him too?!,i have the same cam as you and i dont see springs on the bill..!...going to do some runs this year and after reading your post im a little worried!....
  16. how high did you rev it when it blew?....i was planning at shifting around really worried now!
  17. What was in your engine for a cam prior to this? I can't imagine the previous owner went through the trouble and the expense of building a cammed 347 with AFR 185's and skimped out on the springs. I'm betting what you have is fine.

    I'm running a set of GT40X heads on my 331 with the XE274HR and the stock equipped M-6513-A50 valve springs. The springs are shimmed a little to increase seat pressure, but work just fine. The engine will rev all the way to the limiter without valve float. The GT40X springs are by no means ans aggressive valve spring.
  18. its a 331 that i pieced together but built by an engine builder,i supplied the heads and most of the parts,i asked him to upgrade the springs and he said he would,im kind of learning as i go so i left it up to him to pick witch ones, but looked at the bill today and i dont see springs on it....called today also but he wasnt there to talk too......thought i did it right but now im wondering...!
  19. I think it was around 6500 or so, the cam pulls like a freight train with the set up i have so its easy to over rev it
  20. Ya man i feel ya. I don't know much about springs or how to select them. I am hoping somebody will help me out with that part. I guess the comp springs are a little underrated for what you need so don't go and call up comp if you are planning to spin the motor as high as me.