Recomended Valve Springs For Comp Xe274hr Cam

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by fiveohlover, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. ya watching this thread too,i read about the springs before i got my engine built and told the guy to upgrade them...definetly dont want it to granade like your,that sucks man....went through the build pics,this is only one i got with the heads apart that seems like he did somthing anyway?
  2. but those look like the stock afr springs to me
  3. They're dual unless you're running camshaft above .600 lift, you'll probably be just fine.
  4. i am going to buy some valves from afr should i just buy some upgraded springs from them?
  5. If there are any camshaft guru guys out there watchin this thread, the cam specs are
    RPM Range:2200 to 6200Valve Timing :0.006
    Lobe-Center Angle112Intake Center Line:108

    Valve Lash:Hyd.Hyd.
    Duration @ .050" Lift:224232
    Valve Lift:0.5550.565
    Lobe Lift:0.3480.354

    Valve Timing @ 0.006" Lift:OpenClose
    Intake:29 BTDC65 ABDC
    Exhaust:77 BBDC25 ATDC
  6. thats what i have,im happy with gearbangers thoughts,prob better with better springs but it does say maximum lift .600...but your engine blew not sure what happend, im not going to take it as high as you did now anyway,my car started dropping at 5800,so ill set my rev limit at 6200 i guess and i should be good for now....but id like to know what a good upgrade would be also...
  7. I'm a novice in this subject but what I think I know is:
    #1 those cam specs aren't overly aggressive and the Afr dual springs should be fine.
    #2 you can have to much spring as well as to little(ie collapse a lifter/valve float/broken springs/etc
    #3 I would without a doubt contact an expert and buy the right springs. Why run the risk of failure? For the savings of a few $$ just to risk the entire build?!
  8. Ok this may sound really stupid but, from what i heard comp underrates there springs. What if i called them up and told them i have a xe282hr cam which is the next bigger cam they have to offer. Is it worth trying to see what they recommend?
  9. i looked at the specs that came with my cam,what comp recommends is less than what the afrs come with?
    but i would call them and tell them what happend,and see what they say....but im learning here also,i thought just putting on a little stiffer springs would be it,but apparently thats not the case....
  10. what does comp
    Where did you find that, what is the part # they recomended?
  11. 987-16 is whats on my cam card...little more pressure than afr actualy...but close
  12. Ok, idk guys should i just get them?My problem before could of just been because of bad luck and had an old/bad spring?
  13. im waiting for some one to chime in here and say yes iust buy the damn things! i know is i feel fine after a little reading with what i have...just not going to wind it up too high....

    does your car make power above 6000rpm?....mine peeks at 5800-5900?
  14. ya, my pulled really strong to the limiter. i have a ported gt 40 lower with comp polymer box upper though
  15. Just go ahead and buy the damn springs. :)
  16. haha i knew somebody was going to say that
  17. you must feel better
  18. I think I'd get a solid answer from a Comp. Cams rep. My former cam was a custom cam; a ton more duration with .555\.555 lift. I "guesstimated" that .010 more lift on only the exhaust side was not going to translate into needing more spring pressure. I have my shift light set at 6,200prm & rev limiter set at 6,400.... I occasionally hit that limiter right at the end of the 1\4. No issues N\A..... I've yet to find out on N2O...