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Aug 8, 2003
Back in the day, I used have a centerforce pressure plate with a motorsport disc.
Was crazy low pedal effort.
First time I drove the car almost put my foot through the floor.
It may be similar to the king cobra, which I could have sworn the pressure plate was made by centerforce.
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Apparently my ex-husband made that mistake.
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Jun 14, 2004
Acworth, GA
That’s a very useful bit of info, Kurt. I have a Twin disc McLeod 1,200Ft/LB in my GT500 & the pedal effort is..well...a 5yr old could cycle it with the hydraulic TOB.
Retro hydraulic kit would be useful for many. We’re not getting any younger.

Tell me about it. I hurt my elbow two weeks ago, and it refuses to heel. It's not like flying a 120,000lb airplane with no hydraulic assist is helping much either. I tried my buddies McLeod RST, and I didn't like the feel of it. I am interested in the Spec twin disk, but it's a lot more money. For the $500 difference, I would probably go with the RST, and learn to deal with it. I'm afraid the solid hub clutch I have right now is going to break stuff.

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