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  1. Hey everyone. I'm new here, just joined today. Hopefully I'll learn a lot from everyone and have enough knowledge to help others. Well anyway I have a '98 GT 5-speed, still pretty stock, with 3.73:1 gearing, Dynomax Race Bullet mufflers and B&M Ripper shifter. It can run high 13's on a good day but I want to modify it more and make it much faster. I was thinking that I would go somewhat big on my first mod or two. I want to get Stage II ported/polished 2001 GT heads, wilder cams, and a Bullitt intake manifold. I was thinking I could get about 100 rwhp off this, bringing my car up into the low-mid 300's. Would this be a good idea? Any input welcome. Thanks.

    P.S. How much rwhp does the Bullitt intake by itself add?
  2. id get some longtubes and maybe a new midpipe, you also might want to reconsider getting 4.10's or something higher to improve your times

    but it all depends on how much money your looking to spend
  3. Bullit intake isn't worth it unless you're blown. Helps with n2o too, no kaboom the intake.
  4. Welcome, and first off, you dont run 13's, period. Not with 190rwhp, the gearing, and suspension on your car. Start off with a PI headswap for power, add a set of LT headers, and do the little things like pullies and a timing adjuster
  5. I would do the PI head swap and them decide if you want to go N/A or forced induction. That way you can select the right type of cams.
  6. When you say "PI heads" what does that mean? I have seen it a lot on other posts but I can't figure it out.


  7. Performance Improved heads, all 99+ cars have them.
  8. I've been looking at a couple different types of heads, not sure which ones to get though. I saw the 4.6L GT heads that they sell at Steeda (, I've also seen them referred to as 'SVO' heads as well. And I've also seen those PI heads (, which are a ****load cheaper. The 4.6L GT heads claim a 35hp gain over stock, how much would I get from the PI? Also what parts would I need to install the PI's in my 'Stang? I've also been giving some thought to getting some heads like the PI's and having them ported/polished (Stage II). Is there any intake manifold that would actually make a difference on my car naturally aspirated? Thanks.
  9. Also, for headers, I was told to get Hooker SuperComps. Are these any good? My buddy (he has a '69 Firebird 400) claims that, if correctly installed, the headers can give about a 35hp gain. I was actually thinking about getting rid of my Dynomax in favor of the Borla/SVO side exhaust kit, and getting an X-pipe, most likely Bassani. Would I lose anything with side exhaust? Good choices or absolute ****? Thanks for helping out a naive newbie.

    EDIT: I went to and spent too much time listening to the sound clips. Out of all the exhaust systems, I like three: the Spintech side exhaust, the Borla/SVO side exhaust, and the SLP Loudmouth. MAC was cool too, but I only really liked the idle. So I have a few more choices for exhaust. :D
  10. Bump, please. Thanks everybody.
  11. the steeda's are PI or SVO heads. Not sure, but if they are around 400-500 per head, then they are PI's. The PI heads are a much better value, and you should see around 100hp gain with cams, headers, port work and a tune. The PI heads are designed for the newer sohc motors with dished pistons. When you put them on a 98 sohc car, they raise the compression to 10.5:1 because of the pistons not being dished. Your car will be slightly more powerfull than a 99+ car with PI heads bc of this. The hooker headers are great, and you will benefit using these because they dont have to come off for tranny/clutch work like the bbks and macs. As far as an intake, there are a number of companies that have just realesed or are going to release an intake for PI heads for NA cars. Also, you can go with a bullitt intake but it is quite a bit. The benefit of an intake will really show with cams and port work, but all the intakes are a grand or more. As far as side pipes, I had them on my car, but didnt really like them. You might loose 2-3hp because of the design of the mufflers with inlets and outlets on the same end, causing a slight loss in flow velocity, but nothing noticeable.

  12. Excellent. Thank you, you are the man. I though the PI's might be a better deal but wasn't sure. How much should port work and a tune cost, excluding the heads' price? I'll probably worry about the heads now and hold off on the intake for a while. As for exhaust, I think I'm going to look further into the Spintech line of prducts and may just switch out my mufflers and keep the rear exhaust, just add some nice 3.5" polished tips. Thanks again,
  13. Port work should run 600-1000 bucks. A tune should be in the 400-500 range. Mufflers will not really affect the power, it is just a sound thing. You will need the complete headswap kit( heads, intake, bolts, gaskets, etc)
  14. Oh, oops. I didn't realize you NEEDED an intake with those heads. Now that I look at the Steeda site, it has a Ford Racing intake listed for $199.99. Not bad. I know that mufflers won't do anything significant for horsepower, I just can't decide on the sound I want. The Borla is OK, but not really my thing. However, I like the Spintechs I heard because they're pretty reminiscent of Eleanor in 'Gone in 60 Seconds'. I hate to be annoying, but I have one more question. What should I look for in a shop that does port work and tuning? Can anyone do it or is there someone/something in particular I need to look for? Thanks.
  15. I'm taking the lazy way out.
    2000 Gt, 5 speed w/ cage and suspension work.
    List of all my mods