Recommendations For This Fix: Ignition Coil Electrical Connector

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by from6to8, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. Ok sure guys the part is 5 bucks ordered online but no. 1 it probably won't be here til the weekend or early next week and no. 2 I just like fixing things if in fact they can be fixed just as good as the part you are going to buy and do the same thing. The coil's pigtail connector has one of the tabs inside missing that holds the wire inside of the connector. It holds it snug to prevent it from moving free of the spade terminal of the coil. I was looking over things I have here and I can either put a piece of rubber in there that will slide in with the wire and secure it, or I can put a little bit of silicone in there to secure it. I was just thinking of those 2 things as possible fixes and just wanted to see what cha think.

    With the wire pushed in good inside the connector and attached to the coil, it actually doesn't want to move easily but I definitely want to make sure it doesn't at all because I know it has before, hence my problems I'm thinking as the main culprit of most of them. So yeah don't get it twisted as me being cheap lol but I just like to make things work if I can.


    Also, I'm trying to find the damn charcoal canister on the car. All along I was thinking that the actual thing I have in the pass side under hood was the canister but that is the purge valve itself shaped like a small soda can
  2. Just buy the connector, or get one at the wrecking yard.

    The charcoal canister is under the passenger side fender.
    Remove the wheel liner and you'll see it.
  3. I will but want to at least fix it until I get one
    I figured out it had to be under the fender well and saw a pic online that had to be one from a 94-95 tho I just saw the pic and didn't go to the actual page. I will go ahead and hook it back up once I get the adapter to adapt the hose
  4. I think you can just cut off the connector and put a spade connector on the end of the wire until the part comes in.

  5. Hey Kurt the wire still has the spade connector on it. What I am going to do is put a piece of rubber inside the hole behind the wire so that it will keep the wire in place. I will secure the rubber from coming out with zip ties. I will make it look nice and neat lol

    the connector that's on there looks a little different than an normal spade, it looks a little more square so I'm gona make sure it fits nice and snug on it's on outside of the housing that it fits in