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  1. I finally get to move out of the V6 section as I recently purchased a new 5.0. :)

    I was hoping to find a thread with some people giving reviews or opinions on exhaust setups, but haven't found one yet. So feel free to post links to one if I am mistaken.

    I'm looking for an axle back system to make my 5.0 talk more, but nothing that will drive me crazy when cruising at highway speeds. And no drone either, most important. So far i can only find the Borla exhaust that makes claims of no drone, but not sure which of the three I would go for (Touring, S-Type, ATAK). Anyone have a good suggestion on which to go for with Borla, or with other makes?

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  2. If you can't get personal reviews, listen to all of the options you are looking at on Youtube. This is about the only way you will be able to hear all the exhaust options available.
  3. Yeah, I've been through a few videos on YouTube, but I always end up wondering if the cameras people use are that great at picking up the true sound. And the in-the-cabin drone noise you can't really tell from the videos either.

    I'll probably go for the Borla S-Type axel back if no one else chimes in. People were always messing with their exhaust setups in the V6 thread, even had a dedicated sound clip thread. There nothing like that around here? Maybe in another section I missed?

    Thanks for the reply thd. :)
  4. Sound clips and videos don't give you a true representation of the volume. I went with the Borla S-Type and am thrilled with it. It's right on my volume limit. I think the ATAK would be too much. Your best bet would be to find someone who has them and listen to them for yourself.
  5. Is your volume limit when you are getting on it? Or like driving highway speeds? I'm mostly concerened about how loud it is crusing at 50-55mph going to work every day. Your post alone is enough to suade me that my thoughts on the S-Type being what I might want was correct. :)
  6. I meant my volume limit at each idle, street cruising, highway cruising, and WOT. I'm sure I piss off a few people (cant please everyone), but for the most part it's pretty tame until you get on it. When you get on it.... watch out. For me it was more about the tone than the volume and the Borlas really gives you that deep rumble. I've taken the car in to the dealership with other mustangs with pipes and I could easily identify when mine was turned on. It's such a great sound. Well worth the extra money, IMO. Also, since I like to give shoutouts to retailers that made me happy, give stangmods.com a try. I emailed them regarding pricematching with AM. They got back to me the same day, not only matched but beat it by 10%, AND let me use a coupon code on top of that. Oh, free shipping too.
  7. Very nice! You still have a coupon code? Haha. :) But I will check out stangmods.com and AM. I was watching a pair on eBay for $649.99, buy it now, free shipping. Think they would price match eBay? lol. I would also get $13 back in the future in the terms of eBay bucks to spend on other items.
  8. You have no likes! Let me give you your first like for getting a 5.0. Now for business. I have the ATAK on my car. It's LOUD! People will hear you before they see you. Now of course I have long tubes, shorty x-pipe, and jpc racing over axles that deleted the resonators. I did not think they would be as loud as they were when I got them. If you don't want that type of loud but want something noticeable go with the S-Type. Also I noticed that Borla's stuff seem to be cheaper on Summit Racing. I compared this only to American Muscle though.
  9. Haha, thanks! I did end up buying the S-Type yesterday. Jegs price matched to the one on eBay, which was from Maryland speed ($649.95). They also matched the $13 I would have gotten back in the form of eBay bucks, instead with a gift certificate. I used that to purchase a drop in K&N. :)

    I probably don't have much likes cause I haven't been very active lately, and only stuck to the V6 thread. I was a heavy visitor back when I first got the 05, we were all tinkering around with the exhuast and crap in that thread, lol.
  10. tinker around with the exhaust of a V6 all you want, but there's nothing like the rumble of a V8
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  11. You got that right! The radio has been kept low lately because this is the first time I've been able to enjoy such a beautiful tune coming from that 5.0. :)
  12. I still don't even know how to turn my radio on. It's dead weight :cool:
  13. I got them in yesterday, took about 2 hours to install. Quite a pain as i couldn't just slide them out, had to remove the rear mount on both mufflers. But after all said and done, they sound amazing. Just what i was hoping for. Quite at cruising speeds, and an awesome sound (but not too excessive) when you get on it. I'll throw a link up of the video I've taken once i find time to edit it. Thanks for the input guys. :)
  14. I had the same issue. The stock mufflers weren't cooperating at all. had to break the mounts on both. Centering the tips took some finessing as well.
  15. The video clips didn't turn out to my satisfaction, but I edited it anyways. I feel like the stock and no muffler clips sound better than the Borla clip, but I know its the camera. Cause they sound flipping awesome in person! And the fact that the engine was cold when I fired it up to get the Borla clip probably affected it too. But at any rate, enjoy. :)

    View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydsthwchpoI
  16. I just bought my 2011 5.0 and it has a Steeda axle back and it sounds awesome to me.
  17. yeah stingers sound nice however i wouldve gone magnapacks... same sound ...deeper... a smidgen louder... way cheaper... and basically no drone...
  18. I really need to do a video of mine. I'm running an offroad X-pipe and Roush mufflers. It sounds great and has no drone. Note- while it is quite tame at idle and part throttle, it sounds like the sky is falling at WOT. (which is kinda what exhaust SHOULD sound like, in my opinion)