Red 90 GT Hatch in SoCal

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  1. 1990 Fox body Ford Mustang GT
    repainted 2 1/2 years ago
    currently 118650 miles
    New engine at 115350 11/21/10
    New engine has only 3300 miles
    just did the second oil change 1/8/11
    AOD Transmission rebuilt at 76000
    new heater core 1 year ago

    I am the second owner. The first owner was a little old man who always kept the car in the garage.
    1st owners modifications
    K & N cold air
    Magnaflow exhaust

    My Modifications

    This engine
    built by Costa Mesa R&D
    YouTube video of my engine
    .040 over making it a whopping 307.6 cubic inches
    hypereutectic pistons, friction coated
    GT40P heads
    valve sizes 1.94 & 1.54 Ported and polished
    This is an album of all the head work performed
    1.72 Crane roller rockers E303 cam
    GT40 upper and lower
    70mm throttle body and EGR
    MSD coil
    MSD cap and rotor

    I also have a C&L 78mm MAF and 24lb injectors
    replaced the starter and water pump when I did the motor
    new alternator 100amp
    New battery
    new tires BFG G-Force 3200 miles on them
    Team Dynamic aluminum wheels

    As far as suspension goes
    KYB Gas Adjust all the way around
    I also have a set of eibach lowering springs, but they sit in the garage by the C&L
    I also have a pair of LX lenses (sitting by the springs)

    pioneer radio
    and a couple pioneer speaker(dont remember their output)

    I have a ton of paperwork to go along with the car, oil changes, the radiator, the paint job, the seat covers, the radio

    I replaced the motor in hopes of taking it out for autocross, but I havent been able to find the time

    Im selling the mustang for money for next semester
    and the best milage Ive ever been able to get is 24mpg
    all highway miles though



    Clean interior
    Clean title
    passed smog 1/18

    Its the car and a few other misc parts
    78mm C&L MAF
    24lb injectors
    lowering springs
    equal length shorty headers(dont fit the P heads)
    original stereo

    I will take a trade, Id prefer a trade
    Im looking for a commuter car
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Not open for further replies.