Red 95 GT Convertible For Sale $6000 - Indianapolis Area

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  1. I have a red 95 Ford Mustang GT Convertible with About 104k miles. This is a 5.0L Automatic. I have about $6000 stuck in the car and would like to get that out of it. I have a clean title in hand and ready to go. This car is in Fishers, Indiana. This is the midwest region.

    I did an Explorer engine conversion in it this past winter. The engine came from a 96 Explorer. This means it has GT 40 heads and intake on it. It has a cam from an 86 mustang as well as Trick Flow valve springs. There are several other new parts like gaskets and seals, timing chain, water pump, thermostat, plugs, wires, harmonic balancer, oil pump, Torque converter, Front torque converter seal, and Flowmaster American Thunder cat back exhaust. I have fully replaced the following fluids Transmission, Engine Oil, Engine Coolant, and power steering fluid. The engine was dis-assembled down to the block and heads including the valve train to replace the valve springs. I have pictures of all of this as I was doing it. I have receipts for every part that I put on the car.

    This car is a solid running car with lots of power. Here is my video of this right after the engine swap...

    I put a lot of work into this car this past winter. One of the common problems with these cars and the automatic transmission is that they get a torque converter shudder. This car was no exception to that. When I did the explorer engine swap, I addressed this as well and put in a new torque converter and front transmission seal. So that problem will not exist in this car anymore.

    I have also purchased a shift kit for the transmission. This was only to give a little better performance to the car, no other reason. I have not put the kit in the car yet, but still have it brand new in box and will include it with the sale. This is a transgo kit and usually runs around $75.

    I have been enjoying his car since the weather has been getting better. I have put about 2500 miles on it since the conversion. I have not had any problems with it at all. I checked the oil and it has not gone down at all. (running synthetic oil) This is really a solid car and would be great for anyone.

    Truth be told, I don’t want to get rid of the car, but right now we have 4 cars and 3 garage stalls. This forces a car to sit outside and I don’t want that. When I had started this conversion I did it with the intent that I was going to keep this car as a daily driver and sell my truck. Well, wouldn’t you know that I found out that I needed my truck more than I thought during this work. So I have decided to keep the truck and get rid of the mustang.

    I documented all of the work I have done to this car. You can read about it on

    The only thing I know as a flaw is the drivers seat in the front. It is in pretty rough shape, but it functions. It will need to either have a seat cover put over it or replaced. It is a power seat and works great, just the typical rips from years of use.

    I have not beat this car. As far as I know it has not been beaten. It is a very nice looking car and drives and rides great. The flowmaster exhaust makes it sound great as well.

    Here are some of the features:

    Tan leather interior
    Tan Top is in good condition
    5.0L V8 engine (last year of 5.0 until recently) (GT 40 heads and intake)
    automatic transmission
    Power Windows
    Power Drivers Seat
    Power Locks
    Cruise Control
    Mach 460 sound
    AM/FM Cassette and CD player.

    You can call or text 317 869 5964. Feel free to email me: [email protected]

    You can see the entire car in the video I posted, but if you need more pictures feel free to text me and let me know what you want a picture of and I will send it to you. I will try to get some pictures posted in a response later.
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