Progress Thread Red Fury-the 91 Fox That Needs Help

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  1. Hi all, im Danny and I finally bought something with torque that just so happens to drive the correct pair of wheels. To get back on the road I need to repair or replace the aod (auto transmission) and probably do a head gasket job.

    I just recently got the ps leaks squared away so it's to no surprise that I've acquired yet another leak, this time from the coolant overflow bottle. Thinking it needs a new head gasket from the milkshake it poured out as well as both hoses being hot. Still gonna hope it's the thermostat, but we'll see. Haven't gotten around to a compression test yet, but that'll be the first thing I do one I get back to the garage.
  2. Here's a couple of pics

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  3. milkshake and coolant in the same sentence dont usually add up to happy threads. is it milkshake in the radiator as well?
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