Red Interior - SN-95

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by UmmYeahOk, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. Whats the deal with these? I've been checking every stang I see in parking lots (been doing this since 98) and so far I've only found 4 stangs with red interior. All of which are 94-98 body styles. One of the 4 wasn't even seen in this state. I am interested in knowing what the production numer was on these vehicles. As far as exterior goes, one was black, one was white, and one was red. All coupes. Mines red with red interior, and so far the only convertible I've seen with this.

    Every person I speak to about this just tell me its rare, and more than half of them tell me its "VERRRRYYYY RARE!" But yet, none of em can give me any actual numbers. Anyone out here know something about them, or had a SN-95 stang with this interior?

  2. The 94-98 Mustangs with red interior was mostly order by renter companies and on V6 Mustangs more info . check out the Late Model Mustang Owners Club here- or e-mail me at [email protected]
  3. I had one guy do some research on my car. He said that it was registered as a fleet car in Denver, yet the DSO number says 24, which he claimed was shipped to Orlando. The car was later auctioned off in '95 at the SW Regional Auction. This is why we believed it may had been a rental car at some point. The car is also a v6.

    I actually have been to your site many times in the past. But still no production numbers on this specific interior. Where did you get your info? Was this color only available by ordering? Is there a reason why renter companies were the dominate orders?

  4. Your V6 Mustang is a common V6 Mustang Convertand Ford put your Mustang rest of the other V6's Convert. in the production of 48,264 and Ford didn't break it down by color interior and exterior for some reason?

    Yes, you could order red on red for 94-98 but only by fleet dealerships or renter companies Mustang cars, the reason the renter companies were dominate orders because the 94 Mustang was hot body style then the other cars to get more money out of people to rent a Mustang and red interior was cheaper to order with red on red or white on red.