RED Lining with the Traction Control OFF. Did any Damage Happen?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Ron Jeremy, Dec 14, 2003.

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  1. I was driving and got stuck in a snow storm this evening coming home. To make a long story short, I was stuck on a road and couldn't get my 2002 V6 Mustang to get any traction to move forward thru the snow with the traction control on. Every time that I used to give gas, the car felt like it wasn't giving enough power to the rear wheels. It felt like it was LOSING POWER in the RPM's. Keep in mind that the traction control was on when this was happening.

    So what I did was I turned off the traction control. I then accelerated heavily (I put a lot of foot pressure on the gas pedal) to see if I could get more power to the rear wheels with the traction control OFF. When I did this, I realized that the RPM needle shot up right away to the 5,500-6,000 REDLINE area. The RPM's stayed in the REDLINE area for 2 to 3 seconds while my foot was on the gas pedal but no more than that. I finally regained enough traction to get the car to go forward.

    Now this is my question here. Do you think that I could of damaged anything in the engine, transmission or rear end from revving the engine to 5,500-6,000 REDLINE RPM's for only 3 to 5 seconds?? I have never before turned off the traction control on my Mustang when driving in the snow, but I did this only today because I had NO POWER from the engine to the rear wheels to get traction to move forward in the snow. Do you think that I damaged and ruined anything when my RPM's shot up to the 5,500-6,000 RPM REDLINE for a few seconds while I was trying to regain traction to go forward in the snow? I know one thing here. I really heard the engine get really loud when I put lots of pressure on the gas pedal with my foot with the traction control turned OFF. I never thought that the RPM's could jump up so quickly to 6,000 REDLINE mark. I am always used to driving with the traction control on and the RPM's never go up to more than 3,500 with the traction control on.

    Please tell me if I damaged anything in my transmission and engine or rear end by what happened. I got home okay and the car seems to drive okay. And I don't hear any noises or grinding coming from the engine, transmission or rear end, but I am still paranoid that I may have damaged something from what happened. I hope that the people in here can tell me if I damaged anything here. Thank You.
  2. I think your being paranoid, these cars can take a bit of abuse. I know a few people that take it into the red all the time with no problems. Hell I do that for fun! You have a rev limiter set by ford on your car, and they make it low enough in the rpm range so that people can't blow up there engines. So quit sweating it!
  3. Does the rev limiter that you're talking about work ONLY when the traction control is ON or when the traction control is OFF?? When does it work?

    I redlined with the traction control OFF.
  4. It doesn't matter if it is on or off.

    When people race there stangs they should have the TC off and redline the **** out of it. Like I said don't sweat it, it's built ford tough! :D
  5. No Problem, just try not to do it every day.
  6. Man, you wouldn't beleive it. I got really scared when I saw the RPM needle shoot up into the 6,000 RPM REDLINE area. I was unaware that it was there until I took a look at the instrument panel dials. I instantly took my foot off the gas pedal when I saw this and I pressed down on the clutch and put the car into neutral and turned the traction control back ON. Please take note that my Mustang has a 5 speed standard transmission. I forgot to tell you this before in my previous post here.

    I don't know exactly for how many seconds that I was revving the engine at the 6,000 REDLINE mark with the traction control off, but I think it was for a good 10 seconds at least. I just hope that I didn't damage anything like the transmisssion or engine components. I know one thing for sure. I really spent a good 20 minutes spinning my rear tires in the ice and snow trying to get traction with the traction control on and another 10 minutes with the traction control off. My rear tires were constantly spinning on and off for about 30 minutes. Could I "BURN" anything out by doing this?? I am afraid of burning out the rear end or the transmission by what happened.
  7. Well? Anybody?
  8. so, let's get this striaght. you were on ice, trying to get traction. so you thought turning off TC and hammering it would help. you should have switched to second gear, and gave it just enough gas to move. and you should have left TC on. higher rpm's and ice don't mix. if you couldn't get the car to move, you shoulda parked it.

    like everyone has already said, we have a rev limiter and if it wasn't bouncing off it it, it's fine. don't worry about it.
  9. I tried to many minutes to get the car to move while the traction control was on. The car wasn't going anywhere. I was unable to move forward in the snow and ice. The car was sliding sideways only with the traction control on. When I turned the traction control off I was able to regain more power to the rear wheels from the engine. When the traction control was on there was little to no power going to the rear wheels from the engine. It felt like the power was dying. That's why I shut the traction control off. I wanted to regain power to the rear wheels from the engine to get the car moving again.
  10. in effect that is what TC does, it stops your tires from spinning when they aren't getting traction. spinning the tires "getting more power to the tires" is exactly what is working against you. sure, you finally got moving, but that's only b/c your tires polished all the way throught the ice. I'm suprised you didn't hit dry pavement and really screw something up.....

  11. TC is useles on our cars.
    redlining once in a while does nothing. our 3.8's can take a beating too.

    our tranny is the same one theyy use with the old 5.0L's
    cept for the output shaft or watever.
    they can handle 300RWHP
    our dinky engines don't even test it
  12. Ron, your a f*****g Moron

  13. What could of I screwed up if my tires hit the pavement under the snow?
  14. Please nobody else feed the fire :crazy:

    Ron your car still runs, deal with it or go red line the **** out of it till it does break!!!
  15. ok retard, the point is.........................never frickin' mind, your car is fine, go buy a freakin' SUV to drive in the snow before you kill someone or yourself.

  16. :rlaugh: :lol:
  17. man, people gettin evil in here. lack of tang?
  18. What did I say in here to cause all these bad vibes that I'm getting here? I just wanted to make sure that I didn't damage anything on my Mustang with what happened while I got stuck for 30 minutes in the snow and ice during a snowstorm here. That's all. I'm not a mechanic nor do I know much about the mechanics of my current V6 Mustang. That's why I came in here to ask you guys all these questions. There's no need here to get all worked up.

    I'm a Mustang fanatic just like all you people in here. Please calm down.
  19. car is fine. no worries.
    tires are fine too dude. don't you see all those guys doing massive burnouts? a little rubber laying isnt going to do anything to your tires.

    you shoulnd't be driving a mustang in the winter though. its not a good idea.
  20. My 2002 V6 Mustang is the ONLY daily driver that I own. My wife drives a Hyundai SUV, but I don't like SUV's. I LOVE my Mustang MUCH BETTER and I would rather drive it all year round even in the snow/ice. I don't want to buy a beater car because most beater cars up here need repairs and require big bucks to fix. Remember, I am not mechanically inclined. And we have tough communist inspection laws up here in Massachusetts. I already own a 91 Lincoln LSC Mark VII beater car which needs an emergency brake cable and a front windsheild. The Lincoln drives just as bad if not worse in the snow/ice and it doesn't have traction control like my Mustang does. So that's why I prefer to drive my Mustang all year round up here. I will drive my 2002 V6 Mustang as long as it can last me. I am hoping that it can last me for many years. I really baby my car and I don't beat on it.

    By the way, I also own a 2001 Mustang GT which I have stored away in my open carport garage with only 1,279 original miles on it. The 2001 GT has NEVER been driven in the snow/salt and it has only been driven twice in a rainstorm in the springtime over 1 year ago. I want to keep the GT forever if I can. It's my garage queen. So I hope that you people now understand why I love the Mustang so much and why I'm such a fanatic with the Mustang cars which I currently own.
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