RED Lining with the Traction Control OFF. Did any Damage Happen?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Ron Jeremy, Dec 14, 2003.

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  1. Look, i think it's great that you care about your car so much. All I am saying is that you really need to learn to drive on snow/ice before you go out and drive along side with the rest of us. Nothing you did is going to damage your car, granted redlining it for 20 minutes or for however long you did, probably isn't be best thing for her, but she'll be fine. Also, nothing you did was the right thing to get yourself off of the ice. What I was talking about when i was concerned that you would hit dry pavement is that you'd grab traction, then send you car flying in some direction and hurt someone, yourself or your car. I've seen it. just don't be a retard about driving when your out on OUR roads.
  2. its fine now shut up!!!!!!! this thread has gone on long enough :lock:
  3. Hmm im the redline kind...i go to damn near 6000 on a non modified SP OHV 3.8...about twice a week...its good for those first gear rolls against hondas...:D. My car is going on 7 years old in january and it still runs like new..also here's another shameless picture of my car :D

  4. Get some Blizzaks!
  5. I did...i just havent taken a picture of my car in a while....
  6. My V6 Auto goes into the red all the time when I floor it, no i'm not using the shuffle. Ford built the car so stupid drivers who don't car about their leased car would have alot of trouble damaging it. Think ford would allow your car stock to go far enough into the RPMs to fry engin components? I don't think so
  7. Ganador:

    I love that Stalker kit. I'll give you a shiny new Buffalo Nickel for it.

    Doc :flag:
  8. I feel my IQ dropping at a rapid rate reading this thread, We have told the guy that his car is fine 12 000 times. He goes on about the TC being off then on, off, and on, etc. We got the picture the first time, we know you love your baby, we love ours too. the car starts, it drives, quit asking if you hurt it. Have a coke anfd a smile! :D

  9. im not a fan of afternarket kits for stangs, but I like the way that looks on your car.

    post some side shots!
    you gotta color match those mirrors tho man. i did it to my car and it looks great.
  10. OKAY! I got your point. I feel better now and I will try to relax. I'm going to have a drink.
  11. What do you mean mustangs weren’t meant to drive in the snow ? No one told me. And don't go talking about getting an SUV either. I see more of those off the side of the road then anything else because people think there invincible in the snow. We have a ford bronco and I'll drive my mustang in the snow any day over that truck. The bronco is one of the worst cars I’ve ever driven in the snow. You just have to know how to control your car in the snow and ice. Don't try to push your car past it's limits and you'll be fine. I'm still on my all seasons the car came with. Good Year something’s. don't even know. They work fine in the snow. These picks were taken a few days ago. I got out of this mess just fine. Tricks i've learned to drive in the snow. First slow down. Second if your stuck and just barely moving i've had better luck fluttering the gas insted of just romping on it like you did. car's an auto so the comptuer does all the shifting and thinking for me...I've seen my car go above red line to 6k before as well. I felt the same way as you do but don't worry, your snow stang will live as mine has. Check out that snow !!!




  12. [​IMG]
  13. I like that spoiler Ganador. I drove home the 67 miles from work to Buffalo in a snow storm - I passed the following vehicles doing at least 10-15 mph slower than me: Toyato 4-runner, F-150, Jeep Cherokee, a Civic (of course), numerous semi-trailers, another Mustang, Jeep Grand Cherokee, S10, Ram 2500 (I think).

    I'll still swear by my Blizzaks in the snow.
  14. I didn't know that they also made Blizzaks to fit the V6 Mustang rims. :doh: I only thought that the Blizzaks were made for the bigger GT rims. I am not really up to par on these things. I'm new here to knowing what parts are really available for our Mustangs.

    I have an important question which I am unsure about here. Do you have just 2 Blizzaks in the rear? Or do you have 2 in the front AND 2 in the rear? Also, can you drive ALL YEAR ROUND with Blizzaks on a V6 and GT Mustang or do you have to take them off and put the regular tires back on the car in the late springtime. I am unsure and confused about this so if someone in here can answer this question for me I would appreciate it. I too am also interested in getting Blizzaks, but do I need them just for the back wheels ONLY(??) or do I need to get back AND front Blizzaks for my V6 Mustang? Thanks.
  15. I'd get all four, but i'd get an extra set of rims...what do you know, I HAVE and extra set of rims that i don't need!!!
  16. Why will I need an extra set of rims? Don't the Blizzaks fit on the current 16" inch rims that I have now that are already on my 2002 V6 Mustang? And are the Blizzak tires ONLY supposed to be used during the winter months and supposed to be taken off in the springtime? Or can I drive with 4 Blizzak tires on my current rims all year round? I need to know this.
  17. Some people get extra wheels so if they slide and hit something they don't scratch up the pretty chrome ones.

    And I drive my mustang year round. I love driving in the snow. You should see the looks on all the subarus and 4x4 when a mustang passes them in the snow. It is great. I'm running the Goodyear Aquatread 3's and they are great!

    In the snow you just have to remember to slow down and not use the gas so much. A good example is some kid in a OLD celica (the rear wheel drive ones) was in front of me today and it had only been raining like an hour before and he didn't know how to moderate his throttle worth ****. He almost slide right into a pillar on an overpass. I was laughing my ass off as I got in the other lane and passed.
  18. yup, same here.......I drive my stang daily, ice, snow, rain, whatever. It's kinda funny climbing hills with it when there are 4x4 trucks off in the ditches
  19. So what you are saying is that I can use my existing stock rims if I want and just take off all the factory stock tires that came with the rims and put on 4 Blizzaks on ALL 4 rims? And are you also saying that I can KEEP ON all 4 Blizzaks ALL YEAR ROUND and drive around with them ALL YEAR ROUND without having to ever take them off right? Do the Blizzaks look nicer than the current stock GoodYear tires that came with my car? Or are they ugly and NOT for all year round usage for the Mustang? Please let me know all these things. I currently have the 2002 Premium Package V6 Mustang which came with the 5 star rims. Thanks.
  20. they are ugly, and you wouldn't want to use them all year round. It's expensive to take your tires on and off, and each time you risk damaging the rim. you could just pick up some mustang steel wheels/ hubcaps from an early sn95. the wheels are 15 inchers instead of 16 so the tires would be a little cheaper for them i imagine.

    i imagine that it'd cost you about a hundred bucks for all for rims (or less)
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