RED Lining with the Traction Control OFF. Did any Damage Happen?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Ron Jeremy, Dec 14, 2003.

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  1. Blizzaks go on all four tires, that way the car can still make turns on snow and ice. I don't leave them on my car all year round, as the car drives like a tank with the Blizzaks, and I don't feel like wearing them down.

    If you get them through Firestone, take the optional package that they offer and they will switch your tire sets back and forth for you every winter/spring for free on your existing rims. The package is good for five years, but since this is my third winter with them, and I am a "valued customer" there, they really don't care how many years I keep coming back to have them switched for free. They'll also make sure that they and your summer's are rotated properly as well.

    They make Blizzaks to fit just about every rims size out there for just about every vehicle.

    Since the Mustang is alreay up in the air two times a year for the tires, I also end up getting an oil change, etc. as it is cheaper that way.

    Blizzaks aren't made to be pretty, just functional. The treads on them almost look like monster truck mudders with little tiny slits cut into each knobby.

    I still stand by them and think they are life saves! Like 98CC said, It's funny to pass 4X4's off in ditches as tool past them in a raging snow storm without any problems IN A MUSTANG!

    p.s. I'd take a pic of them, but I am WAY OVER my max allowed for posting pics on Stangnet (by about 750,000 bytes). :mad:
  2. Yeah, your tires. :rolleyes:
  3. Wow, I don't remember ever seeing a side shot of your car. I looks a LOT better than I thought it did! :nice:
  4. Are the Blizzaks the BEST tires for ice and snow or is there another BETTER tire other than the Blizzaks? I would like to know this.

    Also, is there another tire that's as good or even BETTER than the Blizzak tires that's for ice and snow which I can put on my V6 Mustang and on my Mustang GT and keep them ON all year round and drive with them on all year round?? Or do I have to go thru the routine of putting them on just for the wintertime and then having to take them off in the springtime. I would really like to get tires which are excellent in ice and in the snow which I can keep on the rims of my V6 Mustang and Mustang GT ALL YEAR ROUND. Is this realistic or does everyone in here who owns these type of tires which are for ice and snow take them off their rims in the springtime?? I would like to know this too. Thanks.
  5. Yeah they are not really for all year round, you would have to take them of in the spring time and put them back on in the fall. They are aminly for snow and Ice.

    I just have all season radials on my car, and I find they work fine in the snow and Ice, in fact I find this year is no problem in the snow and Ice, the Tlok has made a huge noticable difference. It doesn't take me the whole light to get through an intersection.

    I love driving the stang in the winter, it's lots o' fun. :nice:

    i don't know why i am so suprised that this guys level of freakin' stupidity if he named himself after the most hedious, hedgehog of a freakin' **** star. did snoopy get a new screenname?

    ps: i don't know what the rules are, but Ron, i don't think that your website link in your profile should be a porno site.
  7. Hey 30AnnivStang,

    Take it easy little buddy. The reason that I'm asking all these in-depth questions about the Blizzaks is because I am NOT familiar with lots of things regarding the Mustang vehicles. Get it thru your head.....I am NOT a mechanic, NOR do I know anything about tires and about which tires to use for the wintertime or whether or not a wintertime tire like the Blizzaks can ALSO be used thruout the rest of the year. My questions are LEGITIMATE and they are not stupid questions. I just want to make sure that I am thorough with all my questions so I can have a better understanding about which best route to take for wintertime and all year round tires for my Mustangs. That's all. There's no reason for you to be an a$$hole and call me stupid. I probably got more sense and a better education than you do. So shut the #uck up. Be nice if you want to speak or don't speak at all. You present yourself as an a$$hole when you tell others in here who don't know much about their cars that they are stupid. Get a life or go *uck yourself.

    And to the rest of the Stangnet members in here, I am sorry and I appologize for making this post, but I don't tolerate a$$holes like 30AnnivStang who instigate and get others in here mad by being a rude a$$hole and calling them stupid. I hope that you understand this.

  8. you just keep asking the same damn questions over and over again. look buddy i'm not going to fight with you because fighting on the internet is like being in the special olympics. even if you win, you are still retarded.
  9. That's one of my all time favorite jokes. It's funny cause it's true.
  10. Hey 30AnnivStang,

    Look here A$$hole. I was just asking a lot of questions because some of the answers that people were giving to me in here about the Blizzaks were unclear to me. I just wanted to make sure that I make the right choice for tires for my Mustang. If you got pi$$ed at my questions then it's too bad. In my opinion, you are a BIG a$$hole. I believe that you lack very important interpersonal skills. I suggest that you take a Dale Carnegie course. But people in your caliber cannot afford to do such a thing because you are a VERY LOW CLASS person. And I am pretty sure that you are such a low class person that you don't even know who Dale Carnegie is or what a Dale Carnegie course is all about. And I say this to you because of the way you present yourself in here. Only a low class and an uneducated person like you would act the way that you do in a public forum like this one. I suggest that you be more presentable to others in here and show some respect. You act like a BIG LOSER just by the way that you post in here. I am pretty sure that you ARE a VERY BIG loser. And this goes to any other a$$hole friends and acquaintances in here who agrees with 30AnnivStang and who has the same inadequate behavior like him. GET A LIFE A$$HOLE! And stop hiding behind your computer. I bet you're nothing but a teenage pu$$y. Only a pu$$y like you would hide behind your computer and say $hit like you do. Grow up A$$hole before you get into deep $hit.
  11. Ron, ffs you type too much. Who gives a rats arse. Everyone answered your questions a hundred times, which gives them a right to get pissed off if you keep asking the same question.
  12. Funny thing is that I have z rated pirelli pzero nero's on the car. No snow tires here.........YET

    I still have my stock rims, I'm gonna get snow tires mounted on those and then swap back to the bullits in spring
  13. OK, first things first, Ron. You ARE asking the same quesions over and over again. In this forum, we welcome newbie questions, but I think we've covered most of your concerns here, and now the subject is getting beaten to death. In addition, there are certain responsibilities of car owners to take some initiative and check on information provided by others here, such as looking around town to see what is available as far as winter tires go, as in check with different tire centers to see what they offer, ie. Firestone, Dunn Tire, Monroe, etc.

    Secondly, you are on the largest compendium of information on the planet, the Internet, why don't you do a search to see what you can dig up as well? I'd recommend going to, and doing a search on winter tires for your year, model, and rim size for your car. Off the top of my head, I know for winter use, there are Firestones, Goodyears, and Pirellis available for most makes of cars. Go directly to the tire ratings graph, and read the user reviews on each of these tires. Also, read what owners of similar type vehicles have to say about the tires, their location, and how they are using them. For instance someone with a 4x4 wrote that the tires pick up and retain rocks far too easily on gravel roads. If you don't go off roading in your Stang and don't drive on gravel roads, then ignore this guy's review.

    It is everyone's responsibility to make informed decisions here, and this forum is basically good for opinions, reviews, getting some direction, a little help, and BS'ing; it is not the definitive end-all/be-all, last word on Mustangs.
  14. I'm sure that Dale Carnegie would be very proud of the way that you are handling yourself here. You couldn't be more wrong about your assumptions of me, but as i said before i will not fight with someone on the internet. as THIS would be hiding behind a computer.

    do as other people have said and do your own research as well. often times the advice given on here is wrong. you cannot take it as the gospel. I always double check ANY opinion i get on here to make sure that it is correct. I understand if you are a newbie, and don't realize that you are asking the same questions over and over and getting the same responses.

    and by the way, you are the one who needs to calm down.
  15. No kidding. Chill out kid. :cheers:
  16. Okay, I appologize. I will calm down. You guys have to understand that I don't know much about cars and that I need all the support that I can get from everybody in here when it comes to finding out information about my Mustang vehicles. I want to be able to get along with everybody in here and to enjoy talking to all in here and to share as well as to give information about the Mustang vehicle. I hope that you all understand this.
  17. You act like buying tires for a mustang is completely different than buying tires for another car. It's really not. Buy good tires, get good traction.
  18. Don't be so worried about things mate, I know what that's like, I worry about everything, but when you go to get tyres, they're the experts, talk it out with them, it's the same with anything.

    Free advice is good I suppose, in that it is free, but free is not garaunteed to be right.

  19. You might need em. It snows so much around here! :D
  20. I have two extra sets of wheels. I want to get rid of my '01 six spoke wheels. I'm keeping my steel wheels. I've got them all painted a gloss black, with chrome lug nuts and i'm looking for a cheap center cap for them, in case i ever need them as backups.
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