RED PAINT POLL! Need Some Help

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What Color red????

  1. Red Fire Metallic

    15 vote(s)
  2. Calypso Rot

    2 vote(s)
  3. Rosso Mugello

    4 vote(s)
  4. Arena Red

    0 vote(s)
  5. Copper Red Mica

    4 vote(s)
  1. Thought i decided on the paint color but im running in to problems.

    I thought i was going with HOK candy apple red but its expensive and hard to paint.
    Current pics / photo shops

    I decided on red... instead of flat black(showed alot of minor imperfections)... i bought my paint guns..... this should be a fun time....

    I might be getting in over my head never painted b4... depending on how this goes... i might do the whole car....

    I want something thats a single red stang with a clear... the paint guy suggested red fire and i like it alot. Here are some other stock colors i like

    Here are my current choices:

    252 Calypsorot Calypso Red Metallic Red 51 91 9 061 834
    Arena Red
    Rosso Mugello
    Copper Red Mica
    Red Fire Metallic

  2. I like that Calypsorot Calypso Red Metallic Red on the BMW... That would look great IMO...
  3. i like in this order:
    Red Fire
    Copper Red
  4. i like the red fire metallic.
  5. red fire....that's the treatment mine is gonna get soon. The other New Jersian, stprorolla did his that color (I think), looks very nice form the photos he put on here. Just curious, where are you getting the paint from?
  6. I voted for Copper Red Mica, my dad had a Mazdaspeed MX5 a couple summers ago that was CRM and that color looks AWESOME in the sun, those pictures do it absolutely no justice :nice:
  7. I think Redfire Metallic is the best looking color out of the options. Just look at that Cobra in sunlight. It pops in your eyes.
  8. The best Ford red color of course is Vibrant Red. It changes color. Under flouresant light it's orange. It can be a dark red on cloudy days and extremely bright red when sunny.

    Sun just about gone.


    In the evening.


    Very Sunny.

  9. i want a darker red....

    Yea... im stuck on the red fire, copper red, and rot currently...

    I talked to a body guy i know (kevin lee) at lee's auto body. His brother at (Lee's Auto Repair) tought me alot of the things i know and let me use the lift and borrow tools so i could learn. Good guys. i know their sons and played soccer with them for years... He gave me some guys number that suplies body shops and a name to ask for. The guy was a big help and brought out the color chips and took them out in the sun with me. its going to be about $80 for paint, clear, reducer, and something else.... Just for the bay... if it turns out good ill be painting the car... if not lee is gonna do it for me. I want a 1 stage base with a clear coat because its easy to paint match if i happen to **** up....

    I dont think the Rosso is a 1 stage now that i look at it... and the arena red doesent look great.... the rot seems to only pop in that picture... i mean look at the link.... Red fire seems too bright at times... but i still like it... i was going to go laser red again but dont want to deal with a 3 stage... the Red fire looks close...
  10. can someone take out arena red and rosso from the poll please????
  11. Redfire is already a Mustang color, paint it something out of the ordinary like ROT.... Think outside the box fellas...

  12. Here is my advice to you, and take this from someone who has been through this. Redfire is essentially what Ford replaced Laser Red with because Laser Red was too expensive and they had a lot of issues with the formula. The body shop that painted my bumper told me this as well as the dealer I worked for over the summer that painted my quarter panel. Laser red was changed in like 1999, then again in 2001, then it was discontinued in like '03 or '04. That said, I chose Redfire for my car for 3 reasons.

    1) It's only 2 stage (basecoat / clearcoat) as opposed to Laser which was 3 stage.
    2) It's way cheaper than Laser.
    3) The color is almost identical to Laser which is what my car used to be, therefore the door jambs, trunk jambs, and engine bay match almost identically.

    If this is your first paint job, and your doing it all yourself, take it easy on yourself. Changing the cars color is a huge job. Not to mention Redfire is a sexy ass color!

    Here's some pics of my car:




  13. Laser red....a PITA but worth the trouble
  14. I completely agree with Vib on this one. But that is kind of irrelevant I guess cause you prefer boring colors. For a second when I first read the poll options I thought you were trying to decide what color to paint a Taurus or something.:stirpot:
  15. MY blood red bay will look better then yours :rolleyes:
  16. Yea i knew about this as well... This is why i was initially considering redfire my door jambs need to be painted anyway however... And the engine bay is getting painted anyway... So there is no excuse not to switch to another color. I want to keep it red.... because everyone knows... Verts look good in only like 3 or 4 colors.... Red, Yellow, Black, White
  17. And green, but I might be a little biased by the color. :D
  18. what about adding some pearl to it for a slight color change. thats what i did. black with blue pearl
  19. I thought about it... but i think the refire already as a orange / red metallic in it.... im unsure...