Red Pill Or The Blue Pill?

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  1. I want to get everyone's opinion out there. I'm a former corvette guy so I'm not up to speed on mustang parts. I'm operating within a budget. I have a '14 GT 5.0 6MT w/o GT Track Pack. This is a DD. I'll run it on a drag strip or road course, doesn't matter. My end goal is to run around 650 hp 580 lbs (pending on which path I walk, I may remain closer to stock). I'm buying everything at once. It'll be a cold day in hell before I'll have another opportunity to blow this kind of cash on a toy. The prices vary but average is around the figures below. That said, here are my two options:

    Which would you choose?

    Option A: $~8700 (Handling & Sound, Small HP gains)
    • 1pc Aluminum driveshaft
    • aluminum 8 bolt flywheel
    • headers
    • catted x-pipe
    • Roush axle back exhaust
    • 90mm BBK TB
    • JLT CAI
    • 3rd wheel link hop kit
    • tubular control arms
    • FRPP Handling Pack
    • 275s all around and 19" lightweight wheels
    Option B: $~8600 (Stock Handling, Med-Sound, Large HP gains)
    • Roush 575 Phase I
    • 275s all around and 19" lightweight wheels
    • Roush axle back exhaust
  2. Firstly, welcome to :SN:, and ditching the Corvette lol

    Since the overall prices are nearly equal on the two options, I'd say Option # 1. While you will not be adding a ton of power, you will be doing the suspension upgrades that will be needed if more power is added down the road:nice:

    The other mods., like the exhaust, drive shaft, and wheels will only add to the fun you'll have, and also serve as a base line for future work on the car.
  3. Supercharger, suspension, and cat back. Then you can add on more stuff later :D
  4. I'm trying to make the EXACT same decision so I'll be very curious to hear everyone's thoughts.
  5. What good is all that hp if you have trouble getting it to the ground? The recommendations I get are to do the suspension/drivetrain mods first, having it prepped for forced induction.
  6. I'd go for option #1, but do a brake upgrade instead of the Roush catback. Your biggest HP gains in exhaust are in the headers and cats. I'd rather have brakes I can beat on and not overheat on track instead of 6-10 more HP.
    I'm in the same boat. Just bought my 2014 GT this week and I have owned 3 Corvettes in the past. Everyone I know keeps calling me a traitor... at least until I take them for a ride.
  7. I ended up choosing Option 1. However, I removed all the suspension upgrades and went for power adder packages along with a new short throw and bracket. To hell with brakes, traction, and corners...for now...its burnouts and loudness. Since my costs are under $5k, I'll be holding onto the extra cash for 275s and wider wheels followed by all new suspension upgrade, a big brake kit, forged internals, and finally a supercharger.

    In the end, though I wanted to go all-in, one-time, and one-time only, I decided it's best to go slow n steady.
  8. And by "power adder packages" I mean headers, exhaust, intake manifold, CAI