New Member
Oct 8, 2019
Salado Texas
I'm new to Stangnet and I'm searching for an Aftermarket splined sway bar for my 65 restomod fast back, I've discovered that Heidts, Mustangs To Fear, Griggs Racing, and Detroit Speed all produce this type of sway bar for its capabilities, I have contacted each and while you can purchase them they are designed for Their Designed front suspensions. With this said Heidts " seams " to be the most capable to install. Now the Good part I have an AJE front K Member with coil over struts, rack & pinion steering ( 87-93 ) spindles 2 bolt style,I'm certainly not and engineer but looking at instructions from Heidts it could be installed.
OK having said all this Im looking for a solution to this search or is there another aftermarket way to get this done ?

Thanks DaddyRay
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