redneck blowoff valve

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  1. That is engineering at its best. Props to him.

    Cut and pasted: "Brad Bunger has shown what can be done with a Pontiac V-8 by substituting creativity for unlimited dollars. By thinking outside of the box and spending less than $900, he put together one of the most cost-effective bolt-on performance upgrades ever devised. "
  2. low 12s is good, but I would have expected more. :shrug: Is he missing traction or what?
  3. Yeah I know. I drive the camaro of the same era. They're heavy but not that heavy. The 455 is a roach motor from what I understand, but withhis huge carb, big cam, and heads you'dthink he could get into the 12s without the turbo My guess is that it doesn't actualy work that well, Yenko made a turbo camaro ( it runs 14s :rlaugh: how does it work without the hat? :shrug:
  4. I wouldnt call it a BOV , since it is only bleeding off pressure (IF it really works) from the manifold, so it still keeps positive manifold pressure. Truely i think its acting like a bleeder wastegate blow off valve! LOL. its limiting the amount of boost (without opening the ehxuast door), its inline like a bov, and it only bleeds the pressure that overcomes the spring ! im sure theresa good reason why he still in the 12's....
  5. Notice it disapears after the first couple pics.
  6. ", which roughly translates to a quarter-mile pass of 11.81 at 112.84. This by launching at idle and shifting at 5,200 rpm."

    "28x10.5x15-inch Mickey Thompson slicks, 14 psi"

    "It's probably within the realm of possibility to make 10 pounds of boost reliably, which will put the two-ton Trans Am deep in the 11s at 118-plus mph."
  7. Before you could go on ebay and online and find blowoff valves in a matter of minutes using radiator caps was a common way of making a cheap blow off valve. The thing is you had to inspect them and replace them when the rubber gasket cracked .

    I dont think this is any more redneck than the Gillis valve used on many turbo cars today. Its called back yard engineering. You have to work within what your budget allows.

    As for his speed I would guess he's having a traction problem.
  8. i didnt read the whole artical but wheres the wastegate?? :shrug: or does the rad cap act as that too??