"redneck Convertible" To Fastback

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  1. When I bought the '67 coupe it came with a '68 coupe which, at some point, someone had decided to saw the roof from. (the heat does strange things to people in AZ sometimes). My friend who sold me the cars affectionately calls it the "redneck convertible". After looking at some of the builds featured here, I wondered what it would take to put this car together as a fastback.
    I went through CJ's and Laurel Mountain for prices. Can y'all look over my parts list and tell me if I left anything out?
    Here's my list:
    Fastback conversion: Because they need replacing:
    Parts Price Parts Price
    Body Gasket Kit 63.99 Front and Rear Bumper kit 172.79
    Windshield Weatherstrip 24.95 Front Valance 35.99
    Headliner 35.95 Hood with Tsig 161.09
    Headliner Insulation 32.95 Front Fender 280.78
    Roof Panel 323.99 Frt Fender Extension assy 233.98
    Windshield Molding Kit 73.95 Fender Bolt Set 9.99
    Headliner Bows 49.95 Grille 342.39
    Interior Kit 845.00 Hood Hinge Kit 67.99
    Beltline Weatherstrip Kit 42.95 Splash Shield Kit 65.59
    Door Weatherstrip 23.95 Rear Valance 46.39
    Quarter Panel 804.58 Louvers 292.49
    Quarter Panel Extension bracket 125.98 Door Skin 52.79
    Quarter Panel Extension Left 49.59 Stone Guard 20.79
    Quarter Panel Extension Right 48.79 Stone Guard Hardware 14.39
    Rear Roof Brace 91.79
    Rear Seat Brace 299.69 Total 6364.48
    Rear Window Panel 67.19
    Rear Window Weatherstrip 17.95
    Rear Window 290.39
    Trunk Corner 51.18
    Trunk Weatherstrip 9.50
    Decklid 133.59
    Flip Down Gas Cap 77.39
    Roof Bracket Kit 166.49
    Wireless Trunk Release 46.74
    Decklid Hinges 120.59
    Door Glass Kit 647.98
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  2. The list looked better before I posted it.:shrug:
  3. :lol: I would stick with just the sheet metal for now ,and add the rest later .
    Make it a roller first .
  4. Okay, next question is, based on these pics, is there enough here to work with? 20140328_182049.jpg 20140328_181955-1.jpg

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  5. You will be removing the whole back sheet metal so that is no problem.
    The front window frame may be trimmed a little to far forward,but still no problem .The kit has the piece that looks to be trimmed away ,it has the outer and inner wheel tubs as well .It looks like a perfect victim for a fast back, or a convert. I would not throw it out.
    I have a thread for a 68 fast back conversion ,It is called , 68 coupe - fastback conversion.
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  6. This is the area i was talking about . It hasn't been trimmed in this pic so the outer piece has to come off ,the inner stops at that joint .Yours may have this area trimmed off a little to far but the window posts come in the kit ,i would just add this piece back from the new pieces ,that way you would not have to remove the front window posts .
  7. Yep, that piece was cut long on your 66 thread too. I guess I can just butt weld it using the new pieces?
  8. i would butt weld it and strap it inside