Registering My '92 In Another County...

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  1. How hard is it to register a car in another county? I have an available address. the next county over has no emissions....
  2. Sure is. Is it legal? I don't think so. Where I live you have emissions. Fredricksburg Va has no emissions. Sadly I live in N.Va but my car is registered in Md. where there is no emissions for vehicles over 20. That was confusing just typing that!
  3. Must be different where you are. Michigan it doesn't matter what county. It all goes thru the Secretary of state. Same governing body except a different branch
  4. You'll be fine. The EPA nor the DPS or (DMV if that's what y'all call em in your neck of the woods) will come knocking on your door.
  5. I have always found it easier to just keep things legit, start shuffling all this stuff around and next thing you know you're caught in a $hit storm, just my honest opinion.
  6. Knowing what state you are in would help
  7. I thought emissions testing was a statewide thing. Not county by county?
  8. Yep^^^ It just ain't worth it! I should know with my car being wrecked by in a parking lot while my friend was driving my car which is insured by me with liability insurance, with the car being registered in another state. Turns out to be a no fault accident covered by neither party.... Sucks to go through all this but it is no ones fault but my own trying to "beat" the system. Nice try, better luck next time!
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  10. You are a god among humble men....
  11. Ohio here, thanks guys.I have a few more years until she is 25 and will no longer require emission testing
  12. Meh... I'm just the janitor.
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