"Rehoming" a car

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  1. It's not a stang, but I thought maybe someone around these parts might be interested in a project (being this is the classics forum, and it's all about projects!) Actually, there's two, but my truck goes after the firebird, because we have a car trailer marooned in our yard and the truck can move it around.

    The story:
    Eleanor has worn us out-we don't have the time, money or energy left to do the work on this car. It's an 82 firebird, v6 (2.8l), at, ac (was a california car). It's my husband's first car. It's rough, but it comes with a lot of parts and does still run. We are looking to find it a home wth someone that will repair it and drive it. It's missing the front fenders and nose, but everything else is there, including the glass (we have an extra hatch too). We don't need to get rid of the car, so we are willing to wait for someone that will fix this car to take it on. It would probably be a good parent/child project that could be a kid's first car when complete (it is a six, so it's not as hard to convince the other half to accept it. Heck, my DH's mom bought this with him and his brother!). If anyone knows someone that might be interested, they can pm me with their email addy and we can talk, I can send pics, discuss terms, etc. The car is western NY state.
  2. I really don't need another project, and my "Pontiac Excitement" was decidedly negative in the 8 years Mrs StangDreamin' had her (Grand Prix? Grand AM? Grand POS!); but the last line of your post got me......
    Where in Western NY?

    I ask because I'm the only member of my generation in the family to not spend most of my early years on a dairy farm outside of Brockport, between Hamlin Twp and the Lake.
  3. I think we've discussed this before. Your family was a bit east of me, I'm near the Falls.

    We just really want this cr to go to someone that's going to fix it and drive it. The last time we drove it was out honeymoon, when we bought an 89 Forumula Firebird (long since traded in!). At this point, neither of us can imagine having the energy it takes to put into a project-plus we've got more cars than garage spaces! The potential exists for us to buy some property that's next door, and then we would have another two car garage (the garage is ok, the house is a complete teardown). If that happens before someone decides they want a new project, then it will just move into that garage and we'll keep it. Maybe we'll have a kid one day and this can be a project to do with him/her. So far it looks like they won't be selling for a while, and they've been looking at the place with $$ signs in their eyes, so they might be asking too much for it to be worth while. Time will tell on that.