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  1. So I just got back from the woodward dream cruise. And im in a car buying mood, lol.

    So I was thinking, I know there's no date posted yet. but do you guys think Gt500's will be out before next years Dream Cruise?. My dad has his 1970 hemi Challenger, and my Brother has his 5.0 Mustang, im holding out for the new 500, it would be nice next year if all 3 of us could go up in our own cars.

    --lol not much of a thred, but nothign new in awhile ^^ and the cruise was fun and made me want a Gt500.
  2. Im getting a shelby also, Im paying 5k over msrp. What do u guys think?
  3. I think it stinks we have to pay over MSRP! But, then again, if you want a limited production car - well, I guess we have to pay. I am pretty confident in 20 years these cars will be worth some good money - especially if we can get Mr. Shelby to sign :)
  4. Ford has been saying all along that the 07 GT500 would be out in mid-2006. Unless there is a delay, they should be out a couple months before Woodward 06.
  5. No official release date yet. No official sales yet, caveat empor.
  6. Can't say for sure, but I think your Latin is broken or at the very least sprained.
  7. Aw shucks, well my English is much better, buyer beware :p
  8. sticker price

    Don't pay over sticker price for the new shelby. If we do it'll just start a price war and that's what the dealers want.They will be plentyful in due time . Just be patient.I remember when I bought the new 1999 Lightning. Everbody wanted one. I ordered mine at sticker price and was offered $3000 more before it ever came in. After a few months people were buying them at the x plan price. But the dealers made a lot of money the first few months.I think the same will apply because Ford said they will build 7000+ shelbys. They only built 6000 1999 lightnings. I told the sales manager I would buy a GTO or a Charger before I would pay over sticker for a car Ford Said most every working man or woman can afford. Also with the price of Premium fuel sky high some people may be thinking twice about buying a car that burns the most expensive fuel out there. If your rich. Disregard this message.
  9. Well, just a couple of days ago, I took myself out of the race for a shelby war. Dealership called me up to decide they didn't want to honor the deal that they had offered me.

    Today I went to some other dealerships to see what there was in an 05 / 06 stang that I could be mod and be happy with. I ran into a girl whom I had met at a friends party. She was really nice and remembered my wife and I right away. I start telling her about my problems at Jim Burke Ford and she tells me that they are smucks.

    So then I ask her if their shelby is spoken for. She says that HER FATHER who owns the dealership had pretty much decided he didn't want to get one for the dealership. So I ask her to ask him if he would reconsider for me. She says, "No problem, if we can get one, we will get it for you msrp." I ask her if we can put that in writing. She says, "Sure, have your attorney draw up something, give us a deposit and we'll make it happen." She did warn me that she didn't know if they are even going to be ABLE TO GET ONE as they are a pretty small dealership. But they are going to give it a shot.

    Well, Well, Well...... Might just work out....MAYBE! Time will tell.

    I'm suppose to get a call from her next week!
  10. Well, Good Luck! I think I read somewhere that every dealer will receive ATLEAST one Shelby. However, the more "stickers" you have on your dealership *SVT dealer, Blue oval cert, Presidential award, etc.* the more Shelbys you will receive.