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  1. has anybody heard when they're gonna be hitting the lots other than "spring 2009"?
  2. Production starts tomorrow morning. If there are no quality holds and they leave the factory without delay, then they should start hitting dealer lots by mid-March. If, however, Ford holds them up for quality control inspections (as they often do with new model introductions) then it may be April before they start arriving at the dealerships.

    I have several 2010 Mustangs that I've ordered that currently show ETA's for the week of March 16th, if that helps give you any idea, though.
  3. thanks for the info Brian:nice:
  4. HI, is there any update on hte release date, I have a 2010 GT on order and am told it has been built, but can't get a date for release, any word on a hold or when they will be released? Thanks
  5. Five Oh Brian, or anyone else:

    Any idea what the release dates are going to be for the GT500s? Are they going to be as scarce as the first go-round of new Shelby's (with the accompanying dealer markup on top of MSRP) or will they be showing up in dealer stocks?

    Momma said she wants one for her 25th Anniversary present! :jaw: :banana: There's NO WAY I'm going to disappoint her:D:D:D
  6. All 2010's appear to still be on hold as they roll off the assembly line. Ford is very good about triple checking new models for perfection before releasing them to dealers and the public. I'm guessing it'll be a few more weeks before they start shipping. GT500's should be on the way soon, too, in normal quantities.
  7. They're at the dealers now...
    In Detroit, so usually the first ones. Figured with the holiday they would get good foot traffic. Ill go drool this weekend for sure. They really do look great up close.