Released to ship - Where are the cars?

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  1. I 'believe' that the cars are released. What will 'convince' me is the first forum member who 'confirms' getting an actual car.

    My car is supposed to be here 'any day now' I'm sitting here with cash in hand so I KNOW my dealer would deliver the car if they had it.

    So here is the question: How can cars be 'released' and still nowhere to be seen? :bang: Wouldn't lots of them be in say Chicago by now??

    Ford, are you reading these forums????
  2. soon

    they will be in most states by mid-oct!!! :rolleyes:
  3. i'm the same in hand...waiting!
  4. Same has been released from plant for shipment one week today. Maybe this is the day.
  5. they all fell into a blackhole muhahaha
  6. yeah that is would think the closer dealerships would have them and would be selling them. However, maybe they are already and no one visits this forum. :) I'll definitely post when I get mine.
  7. Somethings going on today.....Haven't been able to get on to Brad's site for hours.
  8. I think if I had just recieved a 2005 mustang I would be out driving it not posting threads about it. Perhaps thats why no one has said they got one yet. :rlaugh:
  9. I would imagine that Ford would like to have at least one a every dealership and the announce to the would "Here I am"
    That would be great P.R. :nice:
  10. There are no 2005 Mustangs. They are just a diversion fabricated by the Bush administration to take our attention away from Iraq!

    Yes, I am kidding :D
  11. I drove through AAI yesterday. I was just there a week ago and already there are much much more 05's in the holding lots. The place looks like an airport parking lot. It's insane.
  12. Yeah that would be great PR is everyone announced it at! But then that would also suck for us who could have it already!
  13. Think maybe Ford is trying to get cars scattered across the country (dealerships) so they will be introduced/made available at the same time?

    That kind of what happened when the 64 1/2 cars came out.
  14. My dealership said they were able to order two. Well I know they normally ship them in those big car carrier trucks, but there have been two larger Ryder trucks (the covered moving vans) parked in the dealership, and they haven't moved in a few days. I wonder if they shipped them in those undercover...and they are waiting to uncover them at once with other dealerships....

  15. im sure when someone gets one we will have an "OMG AHHHH FORD MUSTANGS OWNZ YOU ALL ARE THE SUXORS"

    and they will post tons of pics
  16. They are probably just waiting to get serviced! People treat those rental trucks like rented mules.
  17. The 05's are out, and are being held at manufacturing facilities. Some production testing has shown rear axle housing fracture problems on the new 05's. That is why they are not in dealerships yet. They were "released" at the end of September but it looks like they may not show up till the end of October, if not later, depending on how severe this issue is. That's what the guys at my dealer told me, and I work here:D
  18. ah gesh....I seriously hope you are wrong. Everyone has been saying a lot of different things from what their dealers told them. It seems like no one knows wtf is up.
  19. Latest word on Brad's site is that some '05 Stangs have definately left AAI by rail.

    But they are being held in the rail yards and are NOT yet shipping from the rail yards to the dealers.
  20. damn it, why not! Why are they this is BS