Released to ship - Where are the cars?

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  1. Perhaps they are trying to clear out as much dealer stock of 2004's as possible before bring in the 05's? When they bring in the 2005 model no one will want to touch the 2004 without HUGE rebates if they are sitting on the same lot. My local dealers seem to have A LOT of 2004's left.

    I am not basing this on any fact or internet rumour its just an idea.
  2. they are waiting for the first big snow storms
  3. that's not even funny.... :bang:

  4. man thats really wierd cuz there are 3 covered trucks (not Ryder, but some other company) just like that at the ford dealership here in town and they havent moved for about a week.... that really makes me wonder... :shrug:
  5. Well pick your rumor. Here is what I've seen on other Mustang sites. I am not making this up, people who claim to "know someone in the know" have posted these:

    1. My brother-in-law works for Ford and they can't ship them because the early cars are are missing welds.

    I don't belive this one as thiis may have been the case with the Feestar or 500, so someone got their stories confused.

    2. My brother works in Dearborn and he says that the rear axle housings are cracking on the test cars.

    I don't belive this one either because the V6 and GT use different rear axles (7.75" * 8.8") so I doubt 2 completely differnt axles woiuld have the same problem. And if the axle housings were cracking, I don't think that Ford would be giving cars to the car rags to test.

    3. I know someone who works at Ford and they can't ship the because of rear end gear noise.

    I don't believe this one either for the same reason as above, the V6 & V8 uss completely different geras and rear ends. What are the chances that both the 7.75" & 8.8" gears have the same problem
  6. Then again this was just posted on Brad's site by an AAI line worker:

  7. Well it is Ford you know :p
  8. We finally got an ETA of the week of 10/27 on our first GT. (Not my g/f's though) :bang:
  9. I would call :bs: on rear end rumors. It's the same old 8.8's that Ford has put in, literally, millions upon millions of cars, and is a great unit. (So it may break if you do a 6000rpm clutch dump on slicks......come on, cut it a little slack :D)
  10. I heard ford was having trouble getting the flux capacitor to work properly. They were also out of blinker fluid so the turn signals wouldnt work.
  11. Compare to Chevy's rear ends, ford's rear ends are indestructible. :nice:
  12. has to be soon

    My guess is that the cars will be here next week if they are releasing the cars to be looked at by the press. When i saw the green GT it was actually being driven. I am in a suburb of Chicago. It had Mfg plates and I saw no trailer in sight!
  13. Latest report from Brad's site:

    From the AAI line worker:

    From one of the MI locals who drove by the AAI plant today:

    (to load the trains)
  14. good stuff 351, but I want to hear reports from someone in PA, "I saw the trains going by today, they were loaded with 05's" Or better yet, a truck driver told me on his CB, "he was enroute to Washington DC along Southbound I95. I passed four trucks full of 05's." To me that means they are on the move and will be here next week.
  15. I am in Pittsburgh my dealer told me this week. I am hoping tomarrow but we will see.
  16. wow you picked up on that fast. I will get pics in the morn... I am on my honeymoon... check out the links to the autotrader
  17. to be perfectly honest, I won't believe it until I see it at my own dealer. :)
  18. i will say that is the most reliable source for 05' info right now for sure, i will be going there all week to find out when i can test drive the 05!
  19. well i will try to post pics tomorrow when i get back.... good luck on getting yours guys.