Reliable high HP Blocks for 4.6! What you guys running?

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  1. I am looking into turbo... I have looked at DSS a lot! Price is very nice. I can get a DSS block with forged internals with stock compression but I dont think that will suite my needs... I have looked at stroker kits... But seems pricy and not sure if worth the money when a 4.6 not stroked is producing enough power! Jus wanna get different reviews... Would torque be better in stroked?
  2. Dude just got my hands on a DSS, they are good but if you can i would rebuild the old block. If you get a kit and have someone locally throw it in it could be a lot cheaper. Not downing DSS but just a suggestion. As for the stroker its just gonna give you a lot more bottom end kick .

  3. Thanks! How much does boring and such cost... I have 2000 GT PI heads and shm cams in my room so if I would buy a bare block on ebay and sent that to a shop bought a high performance oil pump and so forth... What would I be looking at and say I would go stroker! Kits for them are little over 2 grand from some places... Jus how much prep and so forth.. ARP studs and all that as well...
  4. Give Tim at T&J Performance a call. Great service and will set you up with the right combonation for power. They have had countless engine orders from around the US, all of which seem to be very satisfied. I know I am.
  5. JBA headers!!!!!! I looked into their stuff! I think i will mostly g with a kit that way i dont have to dish out a big sum at one time! And I will probably get a better block! But I will make sure a respectable shop will build it too!
  6. Another vote for T&J Performance. Great customer service
  7. T&J :banana:

    Everyone loves these guys.. it amazes me how they can make everyone happy.
  8. Don't know what type of "kit" you are trying to go with, but T&J does offer a forged buildup package for a very decent price.
    As for the JBAs. Great shorty headers. Don't do much N/A, but on a blown application they make up ground. If you are looking into a turbo though, you won't be using JBAs.
  9. Don't Fear The Cubes
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