reliable replacement clutch (t5)

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  1. hey guys, im going to be doing an auto to manual swap this spring and i need a good clutch kit. not looking for high hp or anyhting, just a good reliable clutch. ill be running just the basic 2.3 T5 transmission. also looking for somewhere to order a new flywheel, stock weight. would one off a 2.3 ranger work? thanks for your recomendations!
  2. Behind a stock turbo, just about any clutch would be fine. I had a LUK clutch that worked pretty well until the throwout bearing started squealing.

    Right now I have a Centerforce II pressure plate and disc with a parts store throwout bearing.

    As for the Ranger flywheel, I don't know if that'd work or not.
  3. I've used NAPA clutch kits & flywheels in both my '86 TC and '89 Mustang. Good quality pieces at good prices..............................
  4. Anything made by Valeo will be good for stock to moderate performance applications. I don't know of anywhere to buy Valeo clutches specifically, but they do make a lot of OEM domestic and aftermarket clutches.

    Just as an example, I put a Ford Motorsport clutch in an '89GT I used to have and it was made by Valeo. The stock clutch I pulled out of the same car was also made by Valeo. I put a new RAM clutch in my '68 that was made by Valeo and the Autozone Duralast clutch in my Toyota pickup was also made by Valeo.
  5. I think all the Duralast stuff is either Valeo or LUK depending on the application. That's what it was before they started slapping the Duralast name on everything.

    They're good clutches in a stock environment. The one in my '91 has held up quite well.
  6. ive had bad experiences with valeo

    Advance auto:)notnice: by the way) clutches are valeo. I can usually get 7months to a year out of them before i rip the hub out of them. Ive been through many of them that all did the same thing, i rip the center hub outta the disc itself. Keep in mind though that i drive it like i stole it every day. The flipside is that the clutches have a year waranty so i get a new clutch for free:lol: every 7 months to a year lol and i can install it in under 2 hours( full shop acces at my work, east end auto sales). My buddy with the same turbo setup is runnin a centerforce and he has never had a problem with it ( i did beat him in the 1/4 mile:Track: 4 times in a row though:D lol). I guess it all depends on how much money you wanna spend. Advance clutch kit= 110$ or so, centerforce= 250-300$ good luck

  7. I am running a Spec stage 2+ In my 86 SVO and it pulls strong
  8. cool, thanks guys. ill probably go with the napa kit and flywheel, best price ive seen on a new flywheel so far. will the stock flexplate bolts be fine for the new flywheel?
  9. No, the flexplate bolts aren't long enough.

    I bought a set of ARP flywheel bolts from Summit. You have to get the part number from the ARP website. The ARP catalog lists them for a 2000cc Ford.
  10. ok cool, thanks a lot