Relocated IAT, how to avoid having timing pulld?

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  1. So Im using Binary Editor and my quarter horse to tune the kenne bell setup. IAT is relocated to the number 5 runner. Wondering if anyone knows or can confirm if the function Im using is the proper one to adjust the timing pull for the IATs new location. In the fox strategy its clearly defined , in cbaza, not so much. Heres a pic.
    I beleive its correct as it would have the comp pull timing once IAT in stock location reached over a hundred.
  2. That is one nasty looking car turbogt. In any case, if anyones interested, the timing retard in CBAZA is actually a function of two tables. The one pictured is the multiplier and the other table is the number its multiplied against. Little trial and error and some questioning of more knowledgable people got me to the answer I needed.
  3. A9L is like this
    254 2.00
    190 2.00
    160 0.00
    -256 0.00
    -256 0.00

    To make the CBAZA the same you have to find the Table that the above multiplier uses and make it all 1.0
    I personally would make the 254 line higher than 2 degrees , but its your car LOL