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  1. I just did the same thing on my car with the springs, I rented the strut style spring compressors. I took a impact gun and compressed on side of the spring, then compressed the other side. I bought some hose clamps, I made sure they were stainless steel. I put 2 clamps on each side of the spring, took off the compressors, sat the spring in place, jacked up the a-arm and put everything back together, worked like a charm and only took about 30 minutes :D

    May not have been the "correct" way, but it sure as hell worked :nice:
  2. HAHAHAHA OMFG you guys are INSANE! All that recklessness, and with NO safety gear, whatsoever.

    But for the record, vristang (edit: Jason), I still think this thread lost its usefulness about 4 pages ago. Sometimes you have to realize you can't fix stupid.

    That is my contribution.
  3. wtf do you want me to do? wear a bullet proof vest and a bicycle helmet?
  4. I crap my pants when doing spring matter what method I use.

    i LOT of potential energy is stored in a compressed spring
  5. Sam,
    you some beach :rlaugh:

    I need to go do some laundry now....
  6. lol you liked that one? i wish i coulda seen your face
  7. Heres where your method and mine differ. Because i install the spring in the control arm, then i jack the control arm to attach the spindle to the strut. Then i cut the hose clamps off. Your method works as well, but i think the spring could jump out at you, atleast the way your doing it. If you just compress the spring enough you'll be able to do it easier that way. Good luck. Glad my method works good though!
  8. I applaud those of you actually trying to back up your anti-hose clamp views with actual, you know, facts/knowledge/common sense. I just can't fathom how someone could even considering using such a method. I mean to each his own, but please, don't reccomend it to others.
  9. hey man my car is on 4 tires and ready to roll, and i spent 50 bucks on the install... cant complain. it works. thats all i ever said, it works
  10. Nobody ever did a write up on how to PROPERLY do this job from start to finish...

    I am living the problem right now with my '90 GT. I can't get an inside or outside compressor attached to the old spring to remove it! Neither fit. I rented both :(

    BTW - I was talking to a worker at Advance Auto who told me to just support the lower control arm by a jack, unbolt the strut, then the contol arm, and slowly lower the jack to relieve tension. Talk about dangerous!!! :eek:

    So what's the safest way to remove/install springs? Do I have to buy a $300 part such as this one?
    Front Coil Spring Compressor (OTC7045B)

    I hope not :(
  11. No need to spend $300.00 for the correct tool, when you can get the job done by a qualified repair shop for less than 1/2 that amount! Unless you plan on changing springs on a regular basis, it is not worth the $ for the correct tool, or the time and effort when it can be done for you.
    Jason, I feel for you, But with some of these guys its the old "Don't confuse me with facts, my minds made up" and it just goes to show that "common sense" ain't so common anymore!
  12. I apologize, but realistically I don't have time to sit and do a write up. Too many things on my plate as it is...

    I still suggest starting with the Chiltons and Haynes Manuals. If you have a Ford Manual, even better.

    StangPlus posted a link to a few pics that showed how to use the 'proper' compressor.
  13. I am replacing just about everything suspension related so I would like to swap the springs out while the car is apart. plus I am swapping out the lower control arms so I have no choice but to figure this out...
  14. vristang...
    I have a haynes manual and they talk about a spring compressor I cannot find. the closest thing I can find is $300... I would like to find an alternative safe way to do this.
  15. I always support the lower control arm with a jack, lower the control arm and get the sping out, I always have to take the jack completely out from under the control arm, tie it with a chain or good rope if you are afraid of it flying out. Always stay to the side when you are lowering the jack. I have never compressed one to take it out.

  16. dude its easy as hell and safe, especially with stock springs. i just jacked the car up, unbolted the strut, let the a-arm down as far as i could with the jack, put a ratchet strap on the spring to keep it from coming out, then put a long peice of metal into the bottom of the spring and pried it out. all it does is go "dunk" and your done. very easy, i did the second one without a ratchet strap because when the a-arms are down theres like no tension on the stock spring, i could turn it by hand but just not quite pull it out. easy as hell to get them out, back in is the problem. if you cant get the tools to fit the springs with them in the car, your prolly not gonna be able to use them to get springs back in... hose clamp method write up is a page back if you wanna try it. if i were you i would just take it to a shop, if your scared to pop stockers out of the a-arms, cutting hose clamps off a spring with enough potential energy stored in it to take your head off will make you **** yourself. i almost did, and im crazy according to all these guys in this thread lol.
  17. what if I take the lower control arms off? would the wacky idea from the advance auto parts guy above actually work?
  18. yeah but thats more work. be smart like me and sacrifice safety for speed.
  19. U said it took u 45 minutes a side. I can get it done in 20 a side lowering the control arm and not worry about killing myself :D
  20. :rlaugh:

    I don't even know how to react to this anymore...:(
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